Easiest Swing in golf, How happy are you with your golf swing? Senior golfer Specialist

Here Julian talks about the golf swing, are you happy with your? if not what would you have to do different?
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  1. Hi Julian, I just came across Positive Impact Golf a few weeks ago and since then I watched all your Videos on YouTube and read Brian‘s book – brilliant stuff and actually I can‘t wait to try it out in more detail on the golf course when the season starts here in Germany. One question I have: how would I hit draws and fades considering the concept of PIG?

  2. Due to these video's, my swing has improved, but this video is exactly what I have yet to overcome, and that is the tension. I have done it the other way for so long, I am finding I am working way to hard to get what I need to, and am losing distance in the process. I had talked to Julian about my progress, and thought after me not golfing for over 10 years, and am creeping ever closely to 57 years old, my swing speed I thought would be between 80-85. Yesterday I hit a new driver, and I was anywhere from 89.5-94mph. That shocked me, since I believed I was getting weaker due to lack of exercise. Anyway, even with good strikes, and a clubhead speed of 94, I was only getting a total yardage of about 206 or so. He then sent me a message about the tension, and then it clicked. I did not have to go and try again, I knew when he said it that yes I was tensed up as I have always been. That is going to be a hard one to break, but thanks to Julian and these videos, I have gained a so much better swing in a shorter time than any other I have ever tried.

  3. Thanks Julian great advice , I,m 65 , been playing for 2 years , love the game . Avoiding tension and overthinking is working for me. Thanks again .