Here Julian Mellor is demonstrating how to improve your backswing, sorry a bout the wind noise in places, hope you find it beneficial and if youd like to message Julian directly simply visit www.julianmellorgolfschool.com

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  1. Now I know what I'm doing wrong, rolling the forearm. Is this what's causing me to feel jammed up at the top of the backswing? Excellent video, keep them coming :-).

  2. Julian, thanks so much. I can see now what I've been doing wrong. I appreciate you taking time to do the video. I hope it helps a lot of golfers. Cheers from the USA. Billy

  3. Julian, what are your thoughts on hinging the wrists (side to side) instead of cocking them (up and down)? Personally I’m kind of a hinging fan, as cocking the wrists going back means you have to uncock them on the way down. That takes timing, and if you’re late it leads to some really ugly shots that squirt off to the right. If you hinge the wrists, the club face stays looking at the ball for much longer in the backswing and the wrists never really “cock.” To me it’s an easier, simpler swing if I hinge my wrists rather than cock them. What’s your take on that?

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