Here Julian Mellor is demonstrating how to use your eyes correctly for longer straighter golf shots, if you’d like to contact Julian simply visit www.julianmellorgolfschool.com

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  1. Very David Duval like. Whenever I do this on the range, it feels almost too easy and how golf should be played. But unfortunately, my posture raises a bit and I tend to hit it thin because I’m picking my head up so much to look towards the target before striking the ball. But when I connect nicely when performing this action, it’s wonderfully struck and I gain a bit of distance.

  2. Wow Julian, great video! I think this explains why my practice swings are so smooth and in balance – there’s nothing to look at, so my head just goes along with my body. Then I get over the ball and wonder why my finish doesn’t feel right. Now I know why; I’m too fixated on the golf ball. You said not to look at the back of the ball…what should we be looking at at address and during the backswing?

  3. Been playing golf for over 45 years. Until I started watching and using la danse and relaxing my game was 70's one day and 90's the next. Now, I've been out of golf for about a year hopefully only until I get a cyst removed off of a nerve in my spine. I watch the videos and dream of the day I can swing a club again. Thanks for putting these videos out. My game had improved greatly until my back gave up. Just a cyst. Not a golf injury.

  4. Hi Julian, just how far did that first (hybrid) ball go? Very smooth swing. I recently switched to a H4 for my second shot on long par 4 and par 5’s trying that swing method. Problem is that I can’t get a lot of height with the hybrid. Playing the ball one ball forward off sternum.

  5. Can't wait to get back to the range and try this. I just watched a slow motion video of my swing from last week — indeed, my head stays down and eyes don't look at the target until club head well past the ball.

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