Here is Julian Mellor demonstrating a simple tip to help free up your golf swing, if you would like to contact julian simply visit www.julianmellorgolfswing.com

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  1. I’ve started using various movements and triggers lately. I’ve done the one here and I’ve used a clockwise helicopter motion on my driver to get me feeling in to out. I find these “feel” drills work much better for me. Thanks

  2. Certainly a tip I haven't seen before, thank you for posting the video. Of course freezing over the golf ball also tends to reinforce the impression that the ball is the objective, it's where the swing is going and where you stop. How many people actually spend a significant part of the time practicing positions IN THE THROUGH SWING? It's mostly, takeaway, top of the backswing and lag-lag-lag. Who cares where the golf club goes after you hit the ball? 🙂 I mean, what you do AFTER you hit it can't have anything to do with where the ball goes, right? The simple distinction between WHAT YOU ACTUALLY DO after you hit the ball and THINKING ABOUT WHAT YOU'RE GOING TO DO AFTER YOU HIT THE BALL (which occurs BEFORE you hit it) escapes many people.

  3. Julian,
    I’m going to the range later this week. I will practice The Suggestions in today’s Video.
    I will let you know how it works for me.
    It’s funny I ran into this video today. Because yesterday I spent some time with some of the men I regularly play golf with.
    And they all agreed that my main problem is overthinking the shot. They tell me I’m entirely too analytical.
    They also pointed out I spend a lot more time over the shot than most other golfers they know.
    I certainly hopeThis will help me to relax and hit more consistent Golf shots.
    P. S. I love the “Positive impact golf book. It’s very good! I’ve read it once and I plan on reading it a second time.

  4. hi Julian, you make it look so simple! If i can make 50% of my shots as relazed as you seem to make it, I'd be over the moon. Carry on with the videos they do help. Thanks

  5. Hi Julian I'm one of Brian's students…the less i think and the more I keep in motion the better i hit it….it's even got to the point now where when i go to see Brian its really just a case of him getting me back to a relaxed place…taking all the tension out of it…I don't think in the last few lessons there has been any technical advice at all ..he more works my mind back to where it needs to be…which in my case is nowhere!!! Brilliant I love this method ..I'm playing the best golf of my life at 52…I'm not hurting myself and I have a lesson about every 3 months not every week….can't thank you guys at easiest swing or recommend you enough….

  6. Nice message
    Hi Julian,

    I thought you’d like a progress report on my golf especially as its awesome!

    I’m playing with the feelings and natural flow I used to have years ago, and of course with that my confidence is returning and the game including putting is becoming easy again.

    Lots of people are now commenting on how well I’m playing and asking what’s different.
    I am telling them to watch your videos and check the web site. When I tell them they shouldn’t be ‘keeping their head down’ or ‘watching the ball’ I think most of them think I’m crazy! ….. never mind they’ll learn eventually.

    Hope you are well, I’ll be up again soon.

    Best Regards,


  7. Great video, Julian! I have suffered with over thinking the swing. When I stand over the ball too long I end up forcing the swing and top the ball. Great advice and I will certainly give this tip a try.

  8. Hi Julian I am a 77 year old and love golf.However I have lately been trying various swing methods from You Tube instructors just to see if I could get something easier to help my golf. Have tried Channel Lock, Jim Venetos and other video swings BUT I always come back to the Easiest Golf Swing taught by you and Brian.I do like having fun with my sessions on the range especially but must admit that I only ever trust the EGS method. Am playing with my Seniors group tomorrow and will only be focusing on the "danse de golf" and keeping myself as loose as possible. I may not play as well as I hope but I will have a lot of fun trying.Thanks for all your videos of the past and keep them coming..

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