Effortless Golf Swing

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Effortless Golf Swing

In this video I show you how to get the effortless golf swing you have been dreaming about.

As you watch this video you will be amazed at how easy I can swing yet still generate significant power. This is due to the whipping action generated from keeping the arms and wrists loose throughout the swing.

The looser the wrists the faster the swing. Once you loosen up you simply connect this with a rotating body and this generates the power.

So now there are no more excuses that you are getting older, or can’t turn all that fast. This is proof that anyone can swing the golf club effortlessly. This also explains why smaller and weaker players can hit the ball just as far a bigger stronger players.

Make sure you watch this tip and start loosening up as soon as you can. Once you do you will finally get that effortless golf swing you have wanted.

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  1. This is good advice despite the naysayers. I've been finding that if I try to muscle it off the tee I'm just as likely to slice it like crazy and even loose the ball as I am to drive it straight. Driving it long is nice but only if the ball stays in play. If I take a much more relaxed and easy swing my tee shot is almost always down the middle, maybe not as long as I'd like but it sure beats a lousy drive.

  2. good stuff Paul, but it is that little thing that you do a little closer to the ball that needs to be talked about and shown….

  3. paul wilson is one of the best instructors on youtube, what he teaches makes sense and works if you just practice it

  4. Paul,
    I have your Swing Machine Golf DVD Series, which has been very helpful overall. My problem is that with my driver my club head speed is only 70-80 mph. This seems extremely slow to me, but no matter how much I relax, I can't get over 80. Help….

  5. I agree with Paul that we must stay loose and relaxed. Tried it at the range and the ball goes further and straight more consistently. Thanks Paul.

  6. Know this is old, but this works.  I saw a teenager doing this at a range here in Thailand and thought he looked a bit goofy, but he was cracking the ball way out there with little effort.  I tried to replicate and did alright, then I saw this video and was like, "Hey, that's it!".  

    I did enjoy watching the contrast with the two guys in the background on this video.  One has the ball forward on his left foot, the one furthest away is exactly opposite. 

  7. Paul, I used your instructions tonight and I hit my longest drive ever…274.  After nine holes, I started to feel some pain on the right side of the hip, underneath where a belt would cover.  Any thoughts as to why?  I know I was using my hips more than ever and that could be the reason. If so, is that normal?

  8. I have been using your teaching for a few months out of necessities my back and my rear knee is both bad but this swing has giving me my distance back with no pain wish there were more videos on the short game and putting but everything else is awesome thanks paul

  9. This is so true.  The thing to remember is that your golf club isn't a golf club.  It's a golf whip!  Clubs are what cavemen swing and hit with.  Cavemen grip tight and use big neanderthal muscles and scratch their low brows trying to figure out why their drives only go 240 yards.  

    Quit thinking you have a swing.  Quit thinking you hit the ball.  Just whip your golf whip towards your target and the ball in the way will follow the whip's path

  10. i watched this video about a year ago, my swing with a driver has improved so much. this info was easy to remember and easy to do. it was rough at first, but it comes so naturally now. i used to hit a good 220yards. now im easily hitting 290, and most of em on the fairway!!

  11. I love it when good golfers bend their left arm, It proves that you don't have to keep it straight, and it makes me feel better.

  12. I tried the 70-80% swing without a focus on lower body turn in an 18 hole round today after few hours of practice. I shot a solid score and the ball did travel as far as usual in most cases and further in some including driver and irons. I can't wait to focus on my lower body rotation. Interestingly, I had to continually remind myself during in my round today to not swing hard no matter what the circumstance–rough, fairway bunker etc. I did find with the 70-80% swing I was mostly in fairways and not in trouble/rough as often.

  13. Paul the video is great ,trying to slow down but really hard for me because I've played alot of sports and everything is fast pace,I'll keep plugging away, thanks.

  14. I don't care what anyone else says.. This IS the secret to pure strikes, with distance AND consistency. The problem is, it's counter-intuitive. And it takes us amateurs sooo long to realize this epiphany and even longer to fully commit to it. But it's so worth it and rewarding when you do. Paul, love your swing and your method! Bravo!

  15. This is not new. We've seen good players like Ernie Els or Adam Scott do this. At the PGA in Rochester, I saw Scott hit a 9 iron about 170 yards; he looked like he was barely moving – as though he was doing stretching exercises in his bedroom.

    Tour players, good players, teaching pros know this. Even high handicap golfers know this from watching it. Teachers try to instruct this, and can't. Because it's the hardest thing to teach and they can't teach it. (Like Stan Musial on hitting: "Pick out a pitch you can drive and hit it." Impressive but not very instructive.) Teaching golf is harder than teaching law, piano, wealth accumulation, woodworking – anything. Other instructors can do it, but they can't teach it.

    Ask me. I know. I've had all the bad and, at best, lukewarm golf instructors out there. Ready to quit, I saw a Paul Wilson YouTube video in a motel room in Morristown, NJ. Finally, in about 40 seconds, there was the answer.

    Here's what's new here – Wilson knows how to explain it. And he knows he needs to repeat it because he also knows that human nature fights us when we try to do this. He has methods for the human nature part too, because without them we'll eventually drift back to trying to "hit." Most instructors, if they even know how critical this powerless arms factor is, mention it once. Then you drift. Wilson knows that tendency. He seems to know every tendency if fact. And he'll get you past all of them. He knows not just the absolute proper golf swing (other pros know that), but he understands completely what it's like to be a student who doesn't know. That's the revelation; that's what's "new" here.

    Once we get to the point where the powerless arms idea requires no thought, then we strike the ball repeatably well, and with ease. Ball striking gets wonderfully consistent, it's almost miraculous. Then we can work on power – and too, by then power isn't such a big deal because we're not continuously frustrated with ball striking anymore. After a bad shot or two? – practice swings, then the top of backswing thought "touch the legs, touch the head". The next strike is true – with that full heavy easy "click" and the ball rockets off, on target.

    This guy can do it. But you have to work his method. Success is a doing; you have to actually do it. It's so difficult, not as boring as piano scales, but you have to do it. You can't shortcut. But if you follow this process, you'll get satisfaction and enjoyment from golf that you've never had before. (I played 9 quick holes the other night, completely enjoying it; that hasn't happened in far too many years.)

    Hats off to Paul Wilson. Finally, a golf instructor that knows as much about teaching as he does about the golf swing; finally, finally . . .

  16. Yep, i starrted doing this and hitting 90mph club head speed. And I'm 5'3" female. I hit a 23 degree '7 iron' hybrid 150 metres today (sorry don't know yards)

  17. Paul, I recently read your article from 2009 on "Powerless Arms" and it described my golf journey to a "tee.":) I recently discovered the feeling of taking arms out of the swing, and it is nothing short of amazing. The club feels like it slows down, and allows you to compress back of the ball. I was struggling with weak fades and inconsistency for the past few years, and regaining the feeling of accuracy, compression and ability to turn the ball over with less effort is awesome. Why do instructors fail to mention this concept?? Your article nails it. Well done.

  18. In Paul's book Swing Machine Golf, he uses the term powerless arms. A great way to explain how your arms should feel as they get whipped through and it has made a huge difference for me!  Such a simple thought.  Thanks Paul!

  19. Thanks Paul, I appreciate your help and teaching method. I've noticed 2 things you haven't discussed. 1. Lifting your chin late in setup and a slight right turn of your wrists prior to drawing the club back. Care to offer comment?

  20. This is the total opposite of my swing. Maybe that's why I'm still a 22hdcp. I try to do this type of swing but the ball always talks me out of it.

  21. Hands down the best instructor on utube! I turned 80 this summer & suffered paralysis by analysis viewing so many instructors on utube. Although fit & having good flexibility I had been in a slump for a few months & feared my game had left me for good.I stumbled onto Paul Wilson's Golf Instructions and I am hooked! I regained my confidence and enjoy swinging easy and killing my 3 wood. Thanks so much for all the help your instructions have given me.

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