Something which is often not discussed is how the elbows should be duriung the backswing. Chris Ryan, Senior Instructor at The Belfry, looks at this aspect of the swings and shows how the position of the trail elbow can help your golf game

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  1. Hi Chris, thanks for the sharing.  Your tips are very good and generally spot on all my problems!  On this drill, I would greatly apprecaite it if you could tell us the feeling of right arm and how soon should it start folding.  When i practise this, it appears that my right arm is rather "cramped", it would be great if you could advise me on this, thanks in advance! 

  2. some great advise there chris but i am curious to when the right arm begins to straighten on the down swing for a right handed player

  3. Chris, I've nicely asked almost every instructor on YouTube for this specific tutorial but they have not obliged and so I'm asking you since you seem very reliable. Could you make a video on how to grip the club but not from the usual 2 dimensional face on angle, but rather from eye's view. I just cannot get my grip correct looking at videos face on. 

  4. This would be great if it was linked with a video about desired plane. What is the path you are trying to achieve and why? You can always try and copy ideal elbow positions but understanding why positions are hit in a dynamic movement is sometimes needed.

  5. Great video, Chris. I have been playing golf for over 40 years and my major fault has been a pull. Have tried just about every grip and stance to stop pulling. I watched your video, went to the park with a wedge, tried keeping my elbows at least level, and the difference was remarkable! Although my normal swing is steep, I found that the trail elbow was significantly lower – assume this leads to pulls and weak pushes. I also found that my trail elbow was coming inside too early which has been hurting my short game. Thanks again!

  6. Chris my left thumb slides the golf grip during transition and if I do kept there it get a lot of pressure crushing through it.

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