Eliminate Your Weight Shift to Increase Power in Your Golf Swing

The flaw of most golf swings is that the set up position requires a weight shift. When you set up properly, you eliminate the need for a weight shift while increasing power, accuracy and ease of performance.
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  1. Try watching Brian Sparks videos on "The Easiest Golf Swing". Weight transfer and no back problems!

  2. Stack & tilt swing? Why isn't that swing used by tour pros any more? Bad backs, less consistent!

  3. jim, this is the way i used to sortof swing and i was a much better player. tried to many differant way over the years and lost it. going back to your way with a few minor variations. it does work and an ez way to play. thnx steve

  4. You've got to be kidding! Two videos of you talking. It's as if you are in a classroom, not on a golf course. Ridiculous.

  5. Well said Jim. This is what I have also found out to my own movements in the swing. And the result feels like more effortless power. But I don't stand with shoulders closed. I bend into the left leg and thrust in an upward movement just before impact. Easy power!

  6. Jim i think a critical reason why you naturally achieve power with this quiet still swing is the most efficient use & creation of a circular swing from its centerpoint in front of the ball which allows consistent downward pulling (as opposed to pushing/hitting with trail arm) action by the stationary lead arm from a maxed out circular swing all emanating from this still central point.

  7. This method is so right, I have used this system for years, It is like your left leg is the solid post of a swing /spring gate, your back swing is the gate being opened, your follow through is the spring/swing gate closing – Simple ech!

  8. I just finished reading these golf swing secrets “kaha shocking guide” (Google it) last week before you go out and putting the exercises to the test. I never imagined that after playing for 3 decades, my swinging ability can still be improved. Following the drills, I was able to concentrate more on the minor details.

  9. Hi, great points You got, but? Most teachers stand and talk 80% of time, almost anything else, we fall to sleep guys?? Myself in PGAyears was talk 10%, show what we will teach on 15%, rest do practice and talk at same time!

  10. Excellent presentation. This method has merit; I was using it earlier today and hit the ball well.

  11. One thousand instructors say shift weight and I believe them.. or shift pressure, I would lose half my power with your reverse pivot idea. no can do

  12. Here's a follow up for. Last week I flew across country. My right hip was so stiff I could barely get in and out the car. Stubbornly, I went to play with a set of clubs my son bought from goodwill. Stripped one down the middle on number one with no warm up. Finished with an 84 on a course I had played once two years ago and did not lose one ball. Thanks Jim for restoring my love of the game.