Epic Golf Match Using 1960’s Blades and Dunlop 65 Golf Ball!

Epic Golf Match Using 1960’s Blades and Dunlop 65 Golf Ball! Old school golf clubs can be a lot of fun, or some people prefer to call them vintage golf clubs. Do new golf clubs make a difference? In this video myself and Liam from Golf Vlogs UK have a 3 hole match using Vintage 1960 bladed irons. Liam is a mid handicap so it will be interesting to see how the mid handicap can play with blades. Not to mention the dunlop 65 golf ball. can a pro beat a mid handicap using old school clubs? Can you have a fun enjoyable game of golf using old golf equipment? lets find out… and let’s do it now!


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  1. When I first started playing golf I used to love playing the Dunlop loco balls, they were very inexpensive and had a very soft feel, compared to the Top-rocks of the day.

  2. Great vlog guys, this is the sort of content the golfers in the UK want to see, fun stuff whatever the handicap is, we played 2 clubs and a putter today, got bloody murdered on the course but a 18 han in my group got 38 points, WTF is that all about?? fookin Bandit!

  3. Does make you think … would you be a better golfer playing with Blades as you would be forced to concentrate and work on your strike? Therefore are modern cavity back clubs making your game worse? Now that's a question.

  4. In the 60’s/70’s most irons could be bought as half sets it was very difficult to buy the odd ones the only company I could find that sold the clubs singly was Petron,
    When the local diver came to get the balls from the lake there was a queue at the pro shop to get first pick.

  5. That was superb although Old Man Pat would have beaten both of you.
    You both seemed to get on well despite the difference in rose colour and this really came across on the vlog.
    So well done and more James and Liam please.