EQUIPMENT SPONSORSHIP … How Does It Work? // October Q&A


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Oct 5th-6th: Driving 19hrs to Jacksonville and tackling your questions!

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  1. Andy, see the you use a special alignment stick / stretching stick when practicing in your vlog. Would love to know the brand, have some back issues myself and always need a good strech before my round.. Keep up the great work man, love your story. Love your vlogs, such great material and such an inspirational guy, respect

  2. I have really enjoyed this channel. Great, transparent content. Good luck to you and look forward to more videos!

  3. Great stuff Andrew. I did this 25 years ago and things haven't changed too much. Entry fees are still expensive and as long as you are cashing checks you keep going! If I would finish out of the $ I would go work the bag drop at my course and practice until I had enough cash to do it again! Good luck to you. Tim

  4. I work for a Golf company called BombTech Golf, we will send out clubs to anyone that get's us sales. So I agree with everything Andrew says, if you want to be sponsored have an audience that will profit the company sponsoring you!

  5. well said Andrew….too many guys 'think' that they HAVE to play Pro-V1's, and don't have an open mind.That's just dumb.

  6. Your channel will keep on growing on a rapid rate Andrew, keep up the amazing content making and you will soon be one of the biggest golf channels out there.