Ernie Els: Learn From Ernie Els Golf Swing

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Ernie Els

We all want that effortless swing don’t we? Most people do but they have no clue how it’s done or how to get it. With these Ernie Els golf swing tips you can learn what he’s thinking as he makes that effortless golf swing.

When people look at Ernie Els swing video everyone wonders how he hits the ball so far with what looks like so little effort. Although it looks like he a swinging easy, he’s actually putting a lot of power into turning his body. In doing so, his body tells his arms how fast to swing.

You’ll see that Ernie Els arms aren’t swinging faster than his body is moving. This is what gives him that slow easy look. If he was swinging hard at the ball it sure would look at lot faster. Just try it. Stand up and outstretch your arm. Turn your body left and right and you will see you arm move without you moving it. The move only your arm. You will see that using only your body makes the arm swing slower. In essence, this is what Ernie’s doing and that is what you’ll learn from Ernie Els golf swing.

So where does the power actually come from? The power comes from the wrists. Because the wrists are loose they create a whipping action that generates the clubhead speed. The faster you turn the body the faster the wrists whip. If you want that effortless looking swing listen to what Ernie Els has to say in this tip and incorporate it into your own swing.

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  1. Thank you for the excellent lessons.
    For many years I have been a hitter (with decent success), but this easy swing is a clear improvement. I have bought yr book as well.

  2. you've fundamentally changed my swing. Your videos are the only ones new golfers should watch. don't be distracted by anything else. I mean it.

  3. Using this method of not hitting hard really saves on the body, prior to I could only play maybe one or two days consecutive, now I can easily play daily without the aches and pains on the body and enjoy playing more.

  4. CC on Youtube is funny….when reading Ernie Els words he says my group pressure is low….yeah…any group he plays with….the pressure would be low. thanks for the laugh

  5. I just spent the afternoon at the range with my local pro and this is exactly what he was going over with me. He advised me to search out Els videos, and here I am! Thanks so much for all of your videos as well sir.

  6. I've been working on this and it has improved my consistency enormously and I'm grateful to you Paul. However, I'm prone to occasionally hit a fat one & I'm pretty sure it's because I don't turn my body toward the target through impact. Do you have a tip or drill to improve this please ?

  7. Yup. I feel this easy swing power sometimes, just letting the club fall from the top of the backswing. It feels great the ball goes high and straight. Then the brain wants to intervene because, as you said, it's kind of like giving up the control of the swing. This definitely works though and has got to be less stressful on the body. The hard part is convincing my control freak brain to sit back and enjoy the ride.

  8. So true! Stay easy and greasy. It don't mean a thing if you ain't got that swing…. When you're swinging right, it feels like your hip joints are on gimbels or frictionless ballbearings. You don't have to kill yourself to kill the ball.

  9. AWESOME Lesson! You have really help confirm what I thought I understood. Loose and tension free. Thanks

  10. I watch a hundred+ golf tuition videos a week gathering as much info into my head as possible. I keep on returning to your videos Paul as a firm base to work from, especially this video and your "effortless golf swing" video. If i could always get that 'practice swing feeling' which is so easy and relaxed before i actually address the ball… before the mind starts playing tricks. 100% of the game becomes a joy. it's no coincidence, Im a huge Ernie Els fan too. thanks for your uploads Paul!

  11. I tried hitting the driver 100yds. This method works good but takes time and patience to get it down correctly. Thanks Paul

  12. my swing can look like I'm trying to kill snakes…I'll keep this advice in mind on my next round…thx!

  13. ive seen many videos on tips and advice and yours by far has helped me the most. It has just clicked and come together. Your method is so simple, turn shoulders, keep legs solid, hips will turn automatically,lift arms then just let gravity drop your arms, trun hips and let the arms merilly swing down, none of this thinking about where your wrists are etc. as long as the wrists are loose which i couldn get my head round at first (kept shooting to the right) . but it came with a little practice.

  14. I recently took a golf lesson and they told me that I should swing harder(?) Needless to say, that was my last golf lesson with him! Have you posted any suggestions on how to prevent hitting the golf ball fat? Thank you for your assistance. I really enjoy your tutorials!

  15. Hi Paul, I've been watching a few of your videos. Thank you for making them so freely available. How do you shape a shot while still keeping everything easy and relaxed. I slip back to hitting at the ball when trying to cut or draw.

  16. Took your advice to the range tonight and after trying to re-programme my brain i finally got it. Ive been gripping on for years with poor results. In reality its effortless. Nice one!!

  17. This is a great vid and I love Ernie's swing. I have been practicing on my living room carpet for years and as soon as i heard the advice from 8:25 to 8:45 I was swinging effortlessly with such insane club head speed that after 5 swings i have ripped a hole in my carpet! I can feel the sense of gentleness and harmony in my body but the club head is getting through the ball at immence speed….this 20 seconds of advice is awesome. Thanks Paul, PS = I shall send you the carpet bill.

  18. All your videos are great. The way you loosely swing the club creates an imprint in my memory when I go to the range. I am now smashing my mp14 blades on the range. Never thought I could. My best pure shots are when i coil and just turn my hips to touch knees and forget about everything else. Shoulders arms club just follow. In fact there is no time to consider arms and shoulders on the down swing because it is over before you realize if u turn your hips first. Suddenly my weight is on my front foot and I am watching the ball fly into the distance stunned at how much power just came through my swing. The feeling is incredible. It feels more like an art than a sport when that happens. My worst shot I can tell I have subconsciously engaged the shoulders in the down swing. Over the top thin results.
    Hip turn only on the down swing. Forget the rest. You don't have time to think about shoulders etc because the down swing is over. You are in your follow through watching the ball fly into the distance thinking that felt awesome.
    However, I seem to like a bit of wrist set before the top of the swing. 

  19. Paul you are the best teacher – amazing how all it takes me to tense up is to put a golf ball down on the ground.