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► In this video, Golf Monthly editor Michael Harris offers some tips and tricks for what to carry with you on the golf course. His handy guide will ensure you are covered for every eventuality!

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  1. Great vid! My ball number would be 13, it’s always been lucky for me. Look! I’m your 13th like! Thank you!

  2. My ball number would be number 17. My Mam's birthday! Would not be the person I am today without her 🙂 thanks Mam

  3. Great Video, my number would be 14, number of the best player for me haven worn a Newcastle Shirt, Mr David Ginola.

  4. 10, year my wee girl was born. Great video, lovely venue. Just for the Scottish players, mitts and a beanie for the summer guys 😂

  5. My number is 27, my day of birth and the reverse of 72 which is the par of my home course. Also what I'd dream to shoot on the front or back nine!!

  6. my number would be 28 i was born on august 28 1960 , my daughter was also born august 28 1999