Etched Damascus Folding Knife (Black Wood)

Based on the Damascus steel popularly used by knife makers for centuries, our Damascus Warrior knives look and feel like the real deal. The Damascus Warrior knives are forged from surgical steel and are razor sharp to the touch. With over 10 different styles and colors to choose from, including a tanto styled blade with every color, these knives will have something for everybody to express themselves with. These knives also feature an easy-to-use trigger assisted blade mechanism. With a flick of the finger, the blade ejects out of the side at lightning speed. There is also a window breaker for tactical functionality and there is a pocket clip included with every knife for safe keeping of your Warrior. Get your hands on this beautiful knife today while supplies last and become the warrior you know you can be.

Product Features

  • 8 inch overall length
  • Window breaker/skull crusher on end of handle
  • Includes free belt/pocket clip
  • Full damascus design on blade and handle
  • 3.5 inch blade length

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  1. If the price is right In my opinion, this item is a mid to low quality pocketknife. If you expect your blade to handle anything you throw at it you probably don’t want this knife. That being said, if you’re someone who understands the limitations of their gear, or just carrying casually, this is a great knife for the price. I’d say anything under $12 is a fair price (I paid $7.50 which is why it gets a higher rating.)One thing to note: The Damascus finish is just a coating, no true Damascus. Not an…