Eureka golf swing fully explained

This clip shows my Eureka technique from different angles. This will be a refresher for some and hopefully clarity for others. This will compress the ball and straighten out ball flight.
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  1. hello That's pretty close to the Triangulaid method by Bill Owens and Stรฉphane Bachoz

  2. Noticed that there is no divot. Assuming that it is an artificial surface. Would there be a small divot on turf or are you trying to take it as clean as possible?

  3. by far the easiest swing for me to replicate,with great results. longer with every club,and easily more consistent .my last 8 or 9 rounds have been great with the eureka swing,and more enjoyable .thank you for all your vids.the best on youtube.

  4. Yup, these are near to my swing thoughts as well, except for this: once at the top of the back swing, my only thought then is to push up off the ground with my left heel. That triggers everything to accelerate through impact, and keeps me from trying to accelerate the club with my arms and wrists.

  5. Some lead arm dominant golfers understand this instinctively because the orientation and motion mimics meeting the ball in a tennis backhand. The weight shift and throw elements can be left behind.

  6. Steve, camera side view looks like your ball position is just off your lead heal? probable not the case as you mentioned play the ball back further?

  7. Maybe a silly question where's the ball going ?? And what's the shape of shot ๐Ÿ˜

  8. hey steve – cheers for this update – nice to have both angles in one video and the canes for help training. Just out of interest what is your average club head speed and carry distance with your 7i and driver?