https://rotaryswing.com/quickquiz/assets/landing-pages/increase-clubhead-speed-preview?t=preview Now that you know you can make a full shoulder turn, it’s time to add some POWER back into your golf swing!

Power is the name of the game these days and if you’re tired of playing from the white tees and want to step back to the big boy tees, you need to learn my secret to power.

This tip is what allows me to hit the ball over 300 yards and I weight 165 pounds! Once you’re making a full shoulder turn, let’s turn that turn into effortless power!

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  1. You have proofed to make a full shoulder turn but at the same time you seem totally out of your golfposture at 3:06. Whats the use? The problem is that most can't make a full shoulder turn WHILE in good posture, that is inside your right foot, shoulder plane down, head inside right foot.

  2. How about us old guys?? I've seen enough dudes on the range with the same "arms only" swing to make me think age is a major factor. But thanks just the same for the skinny ray of hope.

  3. best advice i have heard on you tube ! the guys had their thumb down on this video can go pay more money for lessons and still can't get a full shoulder turn .

  4. If u can't learn to have a decent swing and play better golf with all the info and video lessons Rotary Swing has to offer then u should take up badminton.

  5. it's the same thing as the one piece swing or the connected swing instead of starting the swing with your arms & hand's you leave them stationary at address & start your swing with your right shoulder moving every thing together first & it will produces a full shoulder turn who every you are old or Young guarantee & you will get better results for it….

  6. it is easy in theory but in the practice is different. when you are with the golf club in your hand you start to push with the left side. I'm a member of RS for more than 1 year and I don't understand yet the concept of the shoulder blade, I don't know what I should feel in the backswing!!!! when I do the hip bump before and try to transfer my weight in the backswing , I sway!!!! and I loose my spine angle.

  7. I want to know first , when I start the backswing, my first move it is moving the right shoulder posteriorly? when I do that I felt I'm picking the club instead of rotation. any tips?

  8. Hi, I buy into everything you are saying but my problem is one of sight!
    I'm very right eye dominant and when i make a full (90' plus) shoulder turn, I lose sight of the ball with my right eye (bridge of nose in way) and find it difficult to maintain a focus/awareness of the ball with just my left eye.
    Even though its just for a split second it seems enough to make me want to keep looking at the ball more with my right eye making a full turn impossible, Nicklaus, Hogan, Jones, Johnson, Woods the list is endless of top golfers who either turned their heads before or during their swing to facilitate a full shoulder turn.
    I have tried many options, wearing a patch on my right eye, contact lens in left eye, even looking at a point on the ground 4 feet directly behind the ball ( not at the ball at all) and haven't as of today found anything that works.
    I can't imagine I'm the only one with this issue or maybe I am !
    Anyway really enjoy your videos, thanks.

  9. i hit 1,000 full shots a day under instruction and have for over 45 years and i personally have no trouble hitting a golf ball. It is really quite simple!

  10. That's exactly what I was doing for years and you fixed it in four minutes. Awesome! Thanks

  11. True everyone can turn fully, but not without swaying and head moving so much where it's hard to time coming back down

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