EXCL Sports Golf Training Aids, Golf Wrist Trainer + Bonus Swing Training Aid

Improve your golf swing technique with these training aids by EXCL Sports. The product includes a superior quality leather glove as golf wrist trainer, and a bonus golf swing training aid. The golf wrist trainer assists with keeping the front wrist flat, which is very important in the golf swing to ensure proper contact with the golf ball. It helps improve grip, and prevents the club from turning in hand. The glove has an adjustable velcro strap, meaning it can be adjusted to fit any wrist size. The bonus swing trainer attaches to any club easily. It guides with proper swing path and ensures that the club face remains square throughout the entire swing. Gear up with these golf equipment that are designed to help you better your golf game.

Product Features

  • Improves Contact with Golf Ball – This golf wrist trainer aids in keeping front wrist flat to ensure proper contact with the golf ball.
  • Premium Leather – Made from superior quality leather, this wrist trainer offers a comfortable feel.
  • Ensures Better Grip and Wrist Position – By promoting better golf grip and proper wrist positioning, this golf wrist training aid encourages better ball striking.
  • Universal Fit – Features an adjustable velcro strap to accommodate any wrist size.
  • Bonus Swing Training Aid – Also included as bonus is a swing training aid that guides with proper swing path and helps with keeping club face square at all times.

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