Extended 2018 PGA Championship final round highlights

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  1. Tiger putt on 15th made a Par putt not a birdie putt, would have thought you guys would know how to commentate facts correctly 😂

  2. Man I wanted tiger to win so bad this was the most exciting golf game 2018 by far. It was his to lose again a couple of unforced errors near Miss putts just didn't quite get it done but so excited cuz I know that there's more where that came from shot his lowest round ever in any major three sub-par rounds shoots a 64 in the final would have been enough to win any major but settle for solo II not bad and golf is exciting again

  3. Best American crowd I've ever seen or heard. Obviously knowledgeable Golf fans in St Louis and loud too!! None of that snide shit that you heard at Shinnecock Hills. Props to Koepka for keeping his arse when the roars for Tiger went up. Respect to the golf fans of Missouri. Tiger is getting closer but Brooksy deserves the accolades as he's done his apprenticeship around the world. Gonna be a great that lad. He's got it all, power,accuracy good wedge player and a top putter. He's obviously got it mentality wise too. If he doesn't crumble yesterday after having Tiger snapping at his heels ,he'll never crumble…

  4. No doubt that Koepka is the man to beat this year, but Tiger is getting back in form with each tournament. Just a matter of time before he wins #80…and with that, #15.

  5. Happy Tiger is on his game. I really hope he gets another major. Come on Tiger, stay healthy and do it next year.

  6. Brooks Koepka sucks come on let’s face it……we all watched because of tiger woods.

    I think all brooks does all year is practice at the various major courses. That’s why you never see him win on tour outside of majors.

  7. He didn’t three putt 17 on Saturday. Also if he took advantage of the 11th and 17th he would of won by 1….. Not including all those close putts that grazed the hole.