Falcon Grip Golf Glove Series – Left Hand Glove – Worn by Right Handed Golfers – Patent Pending TACK Technology Provides Superior Grip in a Wet & Dry Environment! Choose between Black or White!

At Falcon Grip Gloves, we understand that your game demands precision, control, and comfort just like the pros. Our ultra thin, high performance, Tack Technology allows you to feel the action of your club as you make contact with the ball, while maintaining complete control of your club. The Falcon Grip Golf Glove is proudly and enthusiastically endorsed by PGA Golfers and has Award Winning, Patent Pending, Tack Technology that provides a superior grip when compared to traditional leather or cabretta gloves.

We first displayed our glove at the PGA show in Orlando, and won their PINNACLE AWARD for Best in Class new product out of over 200 new products being evaluated.  We utilize a patent-pending tack technology and manufacturing process which allows players to feel their club when gripped and lock their fingers so the club remains firm in their hands, and controlled.

When the Tack Technology becomes wet from humidity, sweat or a combination of the two, your grip actually improves. Even rain can’t stop you from maintaining a perfect grip! Our gloves are invaluable in weather conditions that are hot, humid, and/or rainy. They are the perfect all-weather glove for the novice, elderly and avid player who tend to rip through gloves and battle with having to dry them out between holes! The top of the line, tested and tried, grip technology that has been heavily researched and developed makes this glove the best possible all weather glove. Real Golfers still play in the rain, and the pros love our glove. Always remember, your Falcon Grip Breathable Golf Glove will keep you playing, no matter what!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Our Tack Technology is super sticky and you will have to pull the fingers apart upon opening your box. The material will NOT – we GUARANTEE IT! After use, fold the palm together for easy access again. Falcon Grip Gloves are tough, durable and longer-lasting than the competition! Try yours today!

Product Features

  • AWARD WINNING – 2016 PGA Merchandise Show Winner of the PINNACLE AWARD for Best in Class New Product – Presented by United Investors Association of America!
  • WE TAKE THE SWEAT OUT OF YOUR GAME and put an end to dripping, slipping, wet grips and golf gloves. No more drying gloves between holes, tearing, ripping or wringing-them-out-to-dry!
  • FEEL THE ACTION, CONTROL YOUR CLUB – Feel confident knowing that our Patent-Pending TACK Technology gives you a powerful grip and conforms to USGA Rules! We utilize spandex and nylon material which means the gloves BREATHE and do not collect sweat like other gloves do.
  • WET or DRY – Falcon Grip Golf Glove are the PERFECT ALL-WEATHER GLOVE in hot, humid, or rainy conditions. Moisture Improves the sticky TACK Technology. Our glove is soft and breathable. You’ll enjoy a snug, custom fit everytime their worn. It’s light-weight, form-fitting, and breathes allowing you to wick sweat away!
  • MASTER YOUR GRIP * MASTER YOUR GAME TODAY – Click the “Add to Cart” button above & lower your scores NOW with a 100% SATISFACTION MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

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  1. Super Sticky… I’m a 13 handicap, not great but I’m no doorknob either…I’ve tried every golf glove brand there is, Titlist, Nike, Callaway etc… so I was intrigued about this Falcon Grip glove. It’s not a brand name we are familiar with which I like. I wear a medium-large in all brands and this medium-large fit perfectly. It’s really a sticky glove, different look and different feel. I went in my back yard and took a lot of swings…it felt great, I like the sticky feel and it’s comfortable…

  2. I purchased this product last week and and love the look I purchased this product last week and and love the look, feel and tack. I read some of these reviews and don’t think they’re accurate at all. One guy says he hated it but never even tried it. And another person bough it for her husband when she didn’t even know he was interested.I review products after I buy them (at full price by the way!) on Amazon and I review because 1. I have a genuine need and interest in the product, 2. I buy them at full price and am motivated by my need,…