Fat Guy Golf – 6 – Tanglewood Back 9

Back 9 and Conclusion @ Tanglewood Golf Club in Chargin Falls, Ohio.

71.7 rating course
130 slope



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We shot and filmed late Friday night on 6/22.

Just finished filming the what’s in my bag video and the next 18 at Shale Creek – One of Ohio’s nicest public courses!

I appreciate all the support you guys have given me and hope you keep enjoying the videos. Remember the whole point of this is to grow and get better!

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  1. Obviously it’s easier than it sounds but staying positive even after crappy shots will improve your game so much

  2. Getting better every video man just keep getting out there. You have some fans up in Canada my man.

  3. Solid hitting with your fairway woods off the deck and some great approach shots. Just practice your putting or perhaps change the putter to a mallet style putter if your going to be playing every week. I bought one of those Odyssey 2 ball putters and my putting was much more consistent for length. It's personal preference in the end so try a few models out

  4. This channel is fucking great!! i was skeptical and thought was a pisstake at first, but far out this is a great channel! goodluck with your golf! keep the vids coming!!!!