Fat Guy Golfing – 3 – Little Mountain

Front 9 at Little Mountain Country Club in Northeast Ohio. Episode 4 will feature the back 9 coming shortly. Have to think Tim on the camera again for me. As you can see we’ve gained a few lbs since Episode 2. Don’t worry – it’s just winter weight and we’ll get that off ASAP.

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  1. Very interested in final result. I use to do the cart all time now I walk all the time. You should try it for 9

  2. Try not to be so hard on yourself big fella 😂 go out there and have fun! Keep doin you tho, love the vids!!!

  3. Everytime you read your putts, i.e. breaks 2 holes to right… add two more holes (4 to the right) you are under reading your breaks which is normal. Add til you miss high always then work back down to the cup. you'll sink more putts! STOP kicking yourself its golf your not playing MIllions your having fun and working on breaking 90 tht will happen with your short game.

  4. Some help!! I’m starting out and i can hit higher and further than a 3-6 iron. I don’t really use my irons cause I can’t get a clean hit without the ball either getting tipped or way to high. I’m only good with my woods.

  5. Swing out to the right, you’re swing too steep causing it to be topped or either pushing it to the left.

  6. Great job bro, keep it up. Try not to be so negative in your commentary!!!! You’ve got a lot of potential

  7. Try to not choke up as much on the club. Raise your hands a little higher on the club and see if that helps your pulling issue

  8. way to go dude, try to exaggerate your follow through on your putts (and try to miss on the high side of the cup, instead of the low side)…I bet you will start hitting more and pulling less

  9. Try walking from shot to shot, don’t worry about walking to the next hole, hop in the cart with your buddy. It’s a little exercise. Love your passion for the game.

  10. You hook the ball because your clubs aren’t fit properly, have them bent a few degrees flat and you’ll be hitting them wayyyy straighter.