Fat Guy Golfing – 4 – Little Mountain Conclusion

Here is the back 9 of my round at Little Mountain in Ohio.

Click here to see episode 3 where I shot a 49.

Date filmed was 6/1/2018

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Episode 5 will come out a week after or so and just be more of a Q/A and whats in my bag type episode. Currently looking for places to shoot the next 18 so if you have any suggestions feel free to fire away below.

Click here for episode 2: https://youtu.be/4oxEpLFxivM

Click here for episode 1: https://youtu.be/VBQvqS0egnA

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  1. Really big fan of your videos. It’s refreshing to see a regular down to earth guy play the game. Gives me something to relate too.

  2. I play of a 6. The only advise i van give is to not always youse your most lofted club to chip. But keep up de video's, Loving it.

  3. I bet your pitch shots are more consistent than your normal swing. I would swing more upright and never let your left arm get past parallel to the ground. You are a big guy and I think your swing is too flat for you. You end up with a hitch in your back swing when trying to swing full which is slowing your swing down and putting the club in a bad position. I fear you will also develop bad muscle memory as you lose more weight. I would at the very least try to limit yourself to a 3/4 swing. I promise you will hit the ball straighter and further than your current full swing. Also, imagine trying to hit the ball with the back of your left hand, this will force your hands ahead of the club face and your shots will generate more back spin. This will lower the severity of slices and hooks

  4. Big John try something you stand square with your feet, flair your feet out a bit this will help you make your turn easer and this will help you not slice the ball as bad try it and see if that makes your swing a bit better for you keep plugging at it great job on the 80 score

  5. I’ve been hooked on ur videos watching them all a few times! I think this channel is going to blow up this is a real golfers struggles and successes. Keep em coming and we’ll keep watching. And for all these haters who come here and spout off we all just see that as their insecurities, ur a inspiration dude I’m gonna try some of these videos I’ll definitely shout out the channel when I do!

  6. New subscriber here. Man I can’t wait for new videos. Your on the course struggles and frustration are something we can all relate too. Keep up the great work.

  7. A tip for your putting instead of looking at the hole you should look like 2-3 feet past the hole instead

  8. Hi there John. I have just found your channel and will be watching a number of your videos today as I am resting up with back trouble. Us Big golfers have to stick together.

  9. I am a big guy too. The 3-wood is more trouble than it is worth in my game. I am thinking about not putting it in my bag any more. It is the worst club in my bag.

  10. You are either a natural , have taken lessons, or have taught yourself. I'm guessing you have taught yourself, because your tough on yourself.

  11. Solid round…I still can’t break 100 after 2 years. Mostly shoot 104-112. Keep going brother. Solid putting.

  12. Keep it up John, one piece of advice from an ok golfer that helped me out. It looks like on your short chip shots you're using too much wrist. Those short chips should be all shoulders with your arms very straight. Also, try to invision where you want the ball to land with an imaginary circle about the size of a bucket.. best advice I got on short chips. Good luck man, keep it up and have fun.