FatGuyGolf: 4-man Scramble Front 9

Welcome to my channel everyone! This is my journey in golf in going from a 30 handicap to hopefully a scratch golfer. Enjoy the ride!

We’re playing JE GoodPark Golf Course in Akron, Ohio. Everything was sponsored by my good friend Matt who owns SharpShooter home inspections in Northeast, Ohio. If you are buying a house check out his website: https://www.sharpshooterinspections.com/

Matt is a great man that gives back a lot to the community. He even gave me the 3 wood I broke in Oglebay (whoops). I got it fixed though!

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  1. out of all the golf channels I follow, I look forward to your videos the most!

    average guy playing golf, trying to get better, like allot of us out there!

  2. On hole 3 you show 5 shots on a par 5 and say it was a bogey???
    Wood out of Rough
    Putt from fringe
    Putt again for 5?

  3. That was a good video great long putt on five or six looks like a great group of guys way to go keep it up you are onto something. 🤙

  4. I've been watching rich shiels which led me here and this is by far my new favorite channel! Keep up the good work!!!

  5. whats funny about 4 man scrambles is the amount of cheating that goes on, always guys that are all 18 handicappers come in shooting 18 under and think they are bad ass… they better ones to play are 2 man scrambles where you play w the other 2 man group.. not near as much cheating when another team is watching ya..

  6. I sincerely look forward to your videos more than any others on YouTube! Content, editing, narration… all are great! Keep up the great work!

  7. Hey John, what are your thoughts on the Moe Norman approach to the Golf swing? I have just made the change, and really enjoy the constant contact so far. I am only about 3 days or 300 balls into the change though.. Love the Channel!

  8. Damn Mr. Baker I still remember watching your first ever video telling you to post more and you turned a video into a complete channel! That’s really inspiring and I wanna thank y’all up in Ohio for giving us Joe Burrow and Marshon lattimore and Michael Thomas down in the bayou!