FatGuyGolf: BIGvTHIN 2

The back 9 at Fowlers Mill! Tim is up 3 holes on me and shot a 40 on the front with 4 clubs. He’s using a 4i, 8i, 52 degree and putter. Can I hang with him with my full set???

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  1. For your putting u need to make the shaft more vertical and have the putter be flat on the ground instead of having the heel just lay on the ground. This will balance out your stroke a lot more

  2. Loved these two videos John. If you ever do something like this again I think it would be cool to get Tim involved with the post commentary as well. (if that's possible ofc)

  3. I've been playing without the full set of clubs recently and have found it helps with my mental game a bit, not as much decision-making and potential for second guessing. Also I hit my 6 iron a lot, which had helped with my consistency in approaching the green.

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