FeedbacK: Collect Bundle (Golf Training Solution – Voice-controlled, hands-free way to use your smartphone and easily record your golf swing at the driving range)

Voice-controlled, hands-free technology captures and stores each practice swing as a separate video (no editing required). User-friendly software enables swing review and annotation on mobile devices and in our virtual FeedbacK Clubhouse.

FeedbacK: Collect Bundle includes:
• FeedbacK: Collect App (with 1 year subscription to the FeedbacK Clubhouse and iPhone App)
• FeedbacK: Flex Tripod with clamp (Clamp compatible with most phones up to 4.6″)
• FeedbacK: Connect Bluetooth (Compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices)

Product Features

  • Each practice swing captured as a separate video (no editing required)
  • On-screen overlay ensures correct camera position
  • Replay in slow motion, frame-by-frame, pause, or compare two videos side-by-side
  • Upload video to the online FeedbacK Clubhouse, annotate each swing video with easy-to-use drawing tools and record voice notes about each video
  • Post your video and comments to Facebook and Twitter

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