Feel the Weight of the Golf Swing – Wisdom in Golf – Shawn Clement

Add effortless power to your swing with this video, feel the weight of the arms in the golf swing and how to harness them to create power and hit more accurate shots!

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  1. Shawn, I fully agree. Before hitting a shot I test the distance to the ball for the scenario. It just gets me rid of manipulating and wanting to hit the ball because I know it is in the way of the club head. However, there is a delicate thing. If you hit an easy wedge shot, like 50%, it is going to track a different path than a 90% wedge shot. Physics will make the club track at a "higher" path. Theoretically, if you swung hard enough the path would be parallel to the ground. So if we're pre-testing or feeling the shot we want to make it is very important to feel the exact power of that shot as well to have ball distance perfectly right.

  2. Merry Christmas Shawn! Perfect lesson for me today. I am having a problem tracking the weight with the driver. Its more like a "forced swing" than a gravity based swing. Will work on this before I see you late January. I believe this is the reason I hit my 8 iron 140+ yards, my 7 wood around 190 but my driver only goes around 230 yds. No one understands how I am so short with the driver. I hope this is the reason. (It makes the most sense)

  3. I can't get enough of your vids Shawn. I've watched a ton of vids from lots of instructors and read lots of books, but the way you explain stuff really clicks for me in a way that usually produces instant results. Almost every vid produces another aha moment. Thanks for sharing!

  4. It was a huge difference with this swing versus my swing which is right position oriented.
    As a free routine, I swing fast as much as I can with feeling weight of the club, so I remember the sensation of fast swing. Every shot was on sweet spot and my driver ss is 10 mile higher on monitor.

  5. Another analogy would be driving a nail with a hammer. If you don't do it properly with the weight of the head it takes many more swings to drive the nail fully. If you release the energy and the weight of the hammer head it is not only more powerful but also more controlled because you using the energy mostly with the weight of the tool rather than trying to use unnecessary parts with a wild hard swing. Watch vids on YT and see how pro carpenters that are framing can drive a nail in one hit maybe two. They are not swinging wild and hard. They let the hammer head do it's job.

  6. Bonjour Mr Shawn ( et bonne année!!), petite question : j'ai l'impression que mes clubs sont trop "légers" , je n'arrive pas à ressentir le poids de mes clubs !!J'ai 37 ans et des petits problèmes de dos : je joue donc des cobra AMP CELL graphite (55gr). Est il possible que ces clubs ne me conviennet pas ? Apres un arrêt du golf je decide de reprendre cette année et découvre il y a 1 mois vos video ( avec Edouard Montaz ..) et teste depuis peu le golf " by your point of view" : expert en gravité et momentum. J'adore cette approche du golf. Je commence à performer sur les wedges , le Pitch et le driver MAIS les fer 7-6-5 c'est pas assez "consistant"..to be continued .

  7. Do you have the same lesson like that girl her swing I want to swing like her..Because I cannot golf any they have make me zero nothing works now. Please if you have those videos And if you have those lessons what is the name off it .. Thank You god blesss you…..

  8. Shawn – you're talking swingweight…..do you recommend we increase the weight of our clubs (in gram increments using leadtape or heavier shafts) in order to feel the club weight MORE as we swing? At times, I feel my driver and some of my irons are too light, so feeling the weight is hard and waiting for the weight, is trickier. (I have off shelf, no mods, Titliest MB712s, D2 swingweight, TT DynGold R300 shafts). Good vids. Thank you!

  9. I believe you would connect with viewers better by using simple, common
    language. Communication is a big key to helping any student. You're explanations in many videos are somewhat cryptic.

  10. Shawn, I have a question. My instructor tells me at the start of the downswing, we should begin rotating the club head shut. I spent over an hour with him trying to do this maneuver and never hit a decent shot. Everything that I have read seems to say the optimum way to strike a ball is square. When I usually hit my way, my flight path is dead straight. i just need more distance. My 8 iron is about 140 yards. Any thoughts about this rotating the club head during the down swing? THANKS!! Mark B

  11. In your analogy of pushing a child on a swing and as it relates to this video. Are you consciously throwing the hands and arms to assist, or are you just letting gravity take them. Or are the hips pulling first and then the arms and hands. It definitely looks like the arms and are really driving thru.