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Add more speed, distance and consistency to your golf swing with this drill!


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  1. I tried something in chipping that transfers to the full swing and "zipping thru impact." If I don't even try to bottom out the club at a specific point but just swing thru the bottom towards the target compressing the ball forward I have much better consistent contact. When chipping, your arms and club are relatively extended downward so if you just swing thru shallow you shouldn't have to worry about an exact bottom point. So on a full swing, centrifugal force will naturally extend your arms and club outward so you can swing thru towards the target, not really concentrating or worried about an exact bottom point. If you ever watched someone try to make a divot at an exact point in front of the ball. it usually screws their swing up and makes them all jerky and steep. Its similar to your video made by an associate about 3 points in the swing and swinging thru impact to the finish.

  2. you are right about NOT using a soccer ball. I tried that and nearly broke my wrist!  I found one of those really solid rubber dog balls and use that. you have to keep wrists flat at impact and it gives you good feed back

  3. What I have gathered from your other related videos is that the sooner you feel "your own zip" , "shave the wood off the board" etc is that you will never actually really swing the club and no instructor can never really help you because without swinging the club no one can detect your swing patterns (push, hook, fade, etc). This goes back to your videos with Matt seeking some updated golf equipment. If he didn't swing the club there would be no way for Ian to provide the necessary guidance. I am not trying to trivialize 100mph swing speed, but I think some amateurs have lower swing speeds because they are trying to imitate certain positions which makes its impossible to pimp your own best natural swing speed. Shaving those wood chucks while throwing the club to the target IMO is simple for the mind to process and helps gets the zip for swing speed. Please keep posting videos like these as they keep reminding us "to please swing the club"