FINALLY: THE GOLF SWING’S SIMPLE SECRET – A revolutionary method proved for the weekend golfer to significantly improve distance and accuracy from day one (1)

Have you ever wondered why the average handicap on the USGA has barely improved in the last 20 years? The answer is very simple:

a) The Golf Swing is very difficult to understand and to perform.

b) The average weekend golfer would love to improve but doesn´t have the time or the interest to spend long hours practicing.

After studying the golf swing for over 25 years, JF Tamayo has developed a revolutionary method proved for the weekend golfer of any level to significantly improve distance and accuracy from day one, based on three main principles:

1) FOCUS ON CHANGES THAT MOST POSITIVELY AFFECT RESULTS: Opposite to the traditional methods, this book will only ask you to make changes in the most relevant parts of the swing needed to hit solid and consistent shots: the backswing and the transition between the backswing and the downswing.

2) LEARN HOW TO DEVELOP AN EASY, REPEATABLE AND SOLID BACKSWING: One of the biggest breakthroughs of the method was the development of a unique and much easier way to consistently make a solidly sound backswing that will look similar to the new Tiger Wood´s one plane backswing but much simpler to learn, to do and to repeat.

3) LEARN HOW TO CREATE LAG: Being able to increase lag during the downswing is one of the major differences between the amateur’s golf swing versus a professional’s and probably one of the most misunderstood concepts of golf. In this book you will easily learn how to lag the club like the pros, dramatically improving your clubhead speed, ball striking ability and distance.

Authors: J. F. TAMAYO – 143 Photographs by J. Jaeckel

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  1. Simple Swing Secrets This book is for you! This is one of the best golf books I’ve read and I would put it in my top three. This is not so much about your grip, alignment or posture; the author says changes to these have a minor effect on distance and performance. What matters? Three things: Learning the proper backswing, transition and creating lag. Based on observation the author says only 10% of weekend golfers have good backswings! If you have not thought much about your shoulder turn or think it has little…

  2. Best Book for the Intermediate or Advanced Golfer!!! I bought this book a couple of weeks ago. Reading the other reviews and the Camilo Villegas’ quote directed to the weekend golfer, I had no doubt this was a great book but I was skeptical it was also good for intermediate or advanced golfers.I am an 8 handicap and without a doubt, this book was the biggest surprise I have had in a long time. I have played golf since I was a kid, practice regularly and had a two-plane swing. I decided to try the one-plane backswing explained by…

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