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  1. Could you feel a miss hit? if so, what do you feel? Some times if feels like we are applying the same swing yet the ball reacts differently. Golf requires so much precision.

  2. As smooth as those guitar fret slides. For those interested, the song is "Prairie" by Manuel Galvin. Cheers from Virginia (USA).

  3. Peter finch, I love this video, I notice u sorta hover the club before the takeaway, interesting!!! I'll be having a lesson soon, cheers bri.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous swing. Such tempo. So effortless. That is the swing I am working towards. I have a slow tempo, nice paced swing but it lacks any real power for I have yet to incorporate the lower body correctly. I will keep watching and learning in my quest for that easy yet extremely powerful swing. Thanks Peter and take care

  5. I've been playing for 2 months now after falling in love with it at a little par 3 course but nearly fell out of love just as quick over the past couple of weeks.  I have been watching your videos for a week or so now and feel its helped me massively in finding a consistent swing and connection especially with my lofted clubs.  My problem now is that from 8 down I seem to hit everything off the heel causing a push/slice.  Any idea why this would be?

  6. I watch this video all the time for inspiration. I have been playing this game for many, many years and it continues to baffle me as to what it is that I am doing wrong. I would give almost anything to be able to play this game efficiently.

  7. hey man…. nice vid….. even with your 1 iron, are you trying to hit down on it, or more/less sweep of the ground?Thnx

  8. This is somehow my go-to video when things start to go wrong for a few rounds and I need to go back to a smoother swing.
    What are your swing thoughts when trying to go back to an effortless tempo, Peter?
    Thanks a lot!

  9. Brilliant golf swing I have lost my rhythm this looks like how I should practice relaxed and swing easy

  10. I've been watching you and Rick for a couple years now. Y'all have helped me improve my swing and analyze different situations in golf. Y'alls videos even helped me progress through different clubs, starting with beginner irons now to tour. I'd like to thank y'all for this and I hope to meet y'all one day if you head out to Texas!