Fitting is Not Only About Buying Clubs – Fitting a 19 handicap player for new irons. In this video we dive into swing dynamics and how a golf club fitting can be used to influence the swing and help a player with positive swing changes.

Filmed at: Tour Experience Golf
Custom Golf Club Fitting Studio – Toronto, Canada
Featuring: Ian Fraser & Matt Blois

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  1. Ian and Matt…so cool to see the growth of the TXG channel. Content is second to none and you've been able to forged (pun intended) an interactive relationship with viewers worldwide.
    Rob comes across a very genuine guy who has an obvious passion for golf (and equipment of course). It certainly speaks volumes how far people will travel to seek your guidance in pursuit of self-improvement. Definitely one of the most impactful videos you guys have produced to date….A++ gents

  2. I'm a 3'ish handicap. I picked up my Z765's today. Fitting with Ben here in Oregon from The Tour Van. I'm coming out of a combo set of Apex and Apex Pro's. The sole of these 765's are absolutely amazing. I "feel" like I can swing 9 degrees down and the club just works in and out of the ground. You don't know how much you're protecting against a heavy shot until you don't have to worry about a heavy shot. Question, this V sole seems to be amazing for any handicap level. What type of swinger is fitting into the MP-18 family and Callaway Apex Pro sole designs? Shallow, digger, low spin loft, etc?

  3. That was an awesome session. Kudos to Rob for laying it out there and being able to make that swing change in one session. It has just proved to me again, Ian is a wizard! Well done fellas!

  4. Wow. Great video and an even better fitting. This should be pinned as an intro video for you guys.

  5. Was a bit like my fitting a few weeks ago. Somewhat disappointed that enough inconsistencies in a 22 handicap swing make club change of no benefit. Same with the driver. Did discover the 3 wood dilemma leading to upping the loft of the 3 and 5 wood and ordering less stiff shafts. I guess that with maybe only one major consistent ‘flaw’ , fittings can have a profound result. What do you guys think? Thanks for the ongoing super video sessions.J.

  6. This video should put the entire fitting industry on alert. I have heard multiple times on other YouTube channels with fittings, and in person at multiple retailers….”our job is to fit around what you bring, not change your swing.” And some of those swings really needed a tweak that no club could change. It’s really sad. I realize companies have to move product to stay in business, but there is a better way. Keep changing the golf world boys!! Love it!

  7. Another excellent video, Gents, and the annotation throughout was a great addition as well!

  8. Well done Rob!!!! I'd love to get in and see these guys myself. If i wasn't on the other side of the planet i would haha. I'd love to do a video as i have a bit of speed and myself i have done a lot of tinkering and learning. The biggest thing i had overlooked was turf interaction from sole widths. There has been times i thought it was just me but now i can see it's most likely from club design. Something i wouldn't have put much thought into when talking turf interaction.
    If you guys ever do a giveaway for fitting with a flight package, I'll enter as many times as i can 😂😂 if i can afford it i would love to come and meet you guys one day and do a fitting. My sister did move to canada recently but i think it's a fair way from you guys

  9. Why didn't you try changing the swing weight of his TM's to see if that would have made a significant difference

  10. Another great video. I really love your approach to doing your best to improve the playing experience regardless of if that means fitting new clubs or improving their existing clubs. A great approach that I'm sure will return to you in spades.

  11. Awesome awesome awesome video guys. Can’t tell you how impressed I am with Ian. Didn’t know throughout this one how it was going to conclude but the fact the he ended up in a club he was using just a year ago was very cool and a good lesson for all of us tinkerers. Hopefully Crossfield would approve, bahahahaha!

  12. Great stuff. I wish all fitters were like Ian. Shows what can be done when a fitter is interested in improving a player not just selling them clubs. Rob that's great showing your swing and well done for the improvements. I have always been able to bring my a game to fittings, even if it disappears on the course

  13. I really appreciated this video since it showed that a fitting is about player improvement not just selling equipment. I look forward to my fitting with your Burlington location next week. Cheers!

  14. Kudo's again guys. Knocked another one out of the park ! Nice to see someone w/more of an average swing speed that alot if us can relate to ! 2 thumbs up guys !

  15. First I have to thank Ian for not only finding a club that fits me, but for somehow getting me to incorporate a swing change in the middle of a fitting session. I was astonished when I saw the ball flight change. I've had instructors spend an entire lesson with me on that, and not be able to convey to me the proper method of squaring the face and changing the path. I'm not one that is able to make an instant change, but the fact we were able to accomplish it in that session amazes me. It was truly the best investment I've made in anything golf related EVER.. Also thanks to everyone for the comments, I was a bit hesitant to show my by far less than perfect golf swing to the world, but hopefully there are other high caps or slower swing speed players that may benefit from it, and also anyone struggling with a swing flaw….just know with a competent fitter/coach, drastic changes are possible. I will continue to work on this swing constantly going forward. Ian and Matt just do incredible work!!