Five birdies for Tiger Woods in hot front 9 at PGA Championship

Tiger Woods had a hot start Saturday afternoon at the 2018 PGA Championship as he tried to catch the leaders. He was 4-under with five birdies and one bogey. is the official website and YouTube page of the PGA of America and has exclusive, original video around golf instruction and golf equipment, as well as PGA Championship, Ryder Cup and Senior PGA Championship highlights.

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  1. Lol everyone got mad in chat cause i said rickie flower is garbage and tiger is going to take charge today… guess who's right fuck boys?

  2. Somebody please tell tiger to leave his driver in the bag and he’ll win. Ok. Thanks.

  3. It's amazing that Brooks Koepka, who I guess won a major this year, may as well be a guy from the gallery. Nobody gives a fuck about him. Nobody. Brooks' mom doesn't even care. She wants Tiger to win. Tiger is the only reason to watch.

  4. Was it just me analyzing Tiger's game to much or didn't it seem like he miss the 17Th hole from once he was on the green. It seemed like he intentionally blew the chance of a birdie.. Anyone else think the same?

  5. I feel 12 again watching this comeback. I don't want anything else besides Tiger taking this tomorrow

  6. I’d love to see him win one more big one. I was too young to see him in his prime… come on Tiger!

  7. Tiger needs to figure out his back 9. His performance at the front 9 have been amazing the whole tournament but the back 9s hold him back from taking the lead. I hope this changes tomorrow and he doesn't choke.