Five Things Every Golfer Should Have In Their Bag

Tour pros chime in on common amateur equipment mistakes while Rick Young recommends basic gear needs for every golfer.

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  1. Cool video but I’ve found that microfiber towels really aren’t great for cleaning out grooves. Best are the really cheap and rough/scratchy rags if you get them wet.

  2. And here's a list of 5 things NO golfer should have!
    1> pvc pipe custom putter holders
    2> hand towels on belts
    3> chippers
    4> iron covers
    5> "unbreakable" tee's

  3. 1. water/beverage
    2. food
    3. towel for cleaning bal/clubheads
    4. Deet /Bugspray
    5. band aids

  4. Yeah blah blah blah…little tips and all that. Guess what makes you really good at golf…practice. Screw all the technical stuff. You don't need $3000 shoes to run a marathon

  5. You forgot to mention a loaded revolver. This can come in handy when you get the yips on a two-footer for the match, or when the foursome ahead responds discourteously to your entreaties that they speed up their pace of play.

  6. 5 things eh. Sandwich, drink, choccy bar, lots of spare balls and mobile( turned off so the missus can't ring you).