Mark Crossfield PGA professional talks about fixing common golf swing issues with some simple golf tips that could help all see why golf lessons could really help your golf game. Improve your driver golf swing or your irons swing with some good lessons that allow you to see what your faults are and what is the easiest way to fix them.

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  1. If the course is reasonably dry I'll still get out there. The cold doesn't bother me, it's when the course is really damp from lots of rain that I don't enjoy it as much

  2. I more or less stop playing outdoors when it gets really cold. Playing on a Golf simulator with a friend on the weekends over the winter period instead. This way I can maintain my level of play until its worth getting back onto the course again in the spring

  3. Living in Texas has me spoiled , I haven't seen ice or snow in 5 years …..dats embarrassing

    Despite the time change cutting my evening short honestly play more in the fall then summer , always seems to be less players and that fall 65 degrees is always nice Cheers brah 👍🏻

  4. I tend to practice more in the Winter…try to keep the swing familiar and work on things that I noticed being problematic during the regular season (i.e. short-side up/down; long range putting; fading driver, etc.)

  5. Enjoy your time off mark. Is there anyway you can give us a chat or some ideas on The a swing. I hear a lot of similarities between what you say and those ideas from the a swing.

  6. I play in the winter. Weather dependent. I have a temperature window I like. I don’t worry about score in the winter. Just enjoy and try to maintain some type of form.

  7. I would love to golf all Winter but historically WISCONSIN has been cold any snowy. It does seem like global climate change is improving that though so maybe I can start to golf in the Winter.

  8. I live in Montana and we get 3 to 4 feet of snow every winter, so you can imagine we don't play much in the winter. Plus, I'm an accountant and here it the US thats tax time

  9. We might have a mild winter here in Pa. this year, so I'm planning to hit some of the courses that stay open. Frozen ground makes for a 30 to 40 yard roll-out!

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