Fix Your Alignment to FIX your GOLF swing, MIKE MALASKA, PGA


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  1. It’s amazing how left your feet appear when looking down at them compared to the target especially going from aiming your feet right of target

  2. Super, recently played and on #18 needing a big cut went to a wide open stance and was amazed at how well I struck the ball as prior that day I was moving on the ball and as normal it seems I am playing army golf, left- right spraying my shots – seeing this tip I now see how I can fix some bad habits. I will be testing the alignment stick out front – as a past decent player who has aged past 70 — I think that much of what Mike teaches would be perfect for aging players wanting to remain competitive — even though I stay in shape I see that my swing is nothing compared to the past – now I am in a hurry to hit the ball versus swing the club – resulting in poor turn, sliding, head moving and that is only the first swing — so many elements that were part of my smooth swing are gone — this tip gives me a lot to work on. Thanks for the insights.

  3. Guys, keep up the great work. Love this discussion today. Even more relevant to me now as temperatures begin to drop in Atlanta and common fault for getting a little more distance out of each shot is hitting a big draw, ie end up aiming further right.

    Also, i wanted y'all to know that since I started following I've moved from 2.3 index to a +0.7. Amazing what happens when you eliminate "getting stuck" from your game. Thank you!

  4. I know I have that problem…I wonder if it's also related to having one eye considerably dominant over the other…

  5. Well this makes me think a lot. All this work on swings etc and not really checked my alignment. Excellent video gents.

  6. Very good video, awesome content in this one. Perhaps the best explanation on alignment/targeting/visualization I've ever seen. Good job on this one and thank you Mr. Malaska as well.

  7. Didn't think Mike could do a better video – but he just did it in this one – such great info and makes so much sense. Thanks!

  8. This concept is what Shawn Clement (YouTube master teacher) is all about… task master brain… visualization/target. Brandon should look him up and do lessons/videos

  9. This is absolutely fantastic content and I think that 80-90% number who do this is right on point. Working on this but it’s not easy to tell your brain not to worry.

  10. Brendon I remember your videos of PGA guys setting up clearly open on TV. Finally this helps us understand why.

  11. Mike’s impersonation of a misaligned range golfer 2.17 was hilarious ( but frighteningly accurate ) 😀

  12. Thanks for bringing Joe back to golfdom. It was a privilege to watch him teach and to pepper him with 10,000 questions.