Fix Your Golf Swing Path

Here’s my first video of 2015! Use this drill to help fix your golf swing path this winter at the range or at home.

Perfect Ball Position Every Time

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  1. Hi Peter, love your videos and swing.  May I ask what your thoughts are about the right arm/elbow at the time of impact?  What do you feel your right elbow is doing at the point of impact with the ball?  I've been hearing a lot of chatter about whether it should be straight or bent.  I'd love to hear your thoughts on the topic.

  2. I absolutely love this vid, informative as usual!  But also really good for all of us that want to imitate your swing, now give us the same video in a side view please! :)

  3. I've learned more about the proper golf swing from your videos in the past few months than from all the "tips" I've heard since I started playing back in '86. Some other videos have helped as well. Some guy named Rick. 😉
    By the way, I shot a 35 the last nine holes I played just by trying to swing at your tempo. Never mind that it was only a par 30. I was very happy! Of course, I still have plenty of swing changes to make, but now I know what to change.

  4. Dealing with the cold Michigan winter months I've had plenty of time to work on my swing indoors. I've also managed to take out a light fixture….twice! Be careful folks.

  5. Great video Pete! I'm a beginner (only played 4-5 months), can't play any golf now here in Finland when it's winter but this will help me a lot during the winter and hopefully to reduce my handicap next season. I thinking about  buying my first driver, only used a hybrid, irons 4-9, PW and SW my first season. I have watched a lot of your YT videos and looked around on the internet and I think a used PING G15 is a good choice for a beginner or maybe the G20 (Would love the G25 or G30 but they are a little bit expensive). What do you think about that? Should I buy one 10,5'' or 12''? Any other good drivers for a beginner? Pricerange up to 150€/120£

  6. great video Peter. I am trying to figure out the right downswing plane, and this has helped me alot.Thanks

  7. Awesome video Peter!!  I'm able to play about 10-11 months out of the year but the "down time" at home is brutal.  Drills like this are exactly what I need and will be working on this winter so the swing doesn't get all rusty.

  8. Hi Peter, nice fix up golf swing path instructions! I am actually in Scottsdale, Arizona since mid. Dec. so have an opportunity to practice it on a warm driving range! Get well soon! 

  9. A little bit late, but Happy New Year Peter. Look forward very much to a cracking 2015. 

  10. Omg i did this drill for about an hour last night in my garage and today on the range was amazing. I felt like a new player. Why is having the club on the right forearm so good? How did you figure this out?

  11. Peter, I recently had a driver and 3 wood fitting at Titleist Celtic manor. Trackman revealed that I consistently swing with a club path negative (- 6 degrees was my average) and with the spin axis positive numbers ( +8 was my average). The chap there said I was opening the face to compensate for my swing path.
    Despite this I had a very good smash factor so my driver distances are around 230 carry but I'm losing lots of yards and the shot shape (moving out to the right) is getting me into all sorts of trouble on the course. Can you help?

    Nick, Walsall.