Fix your out to in golf swing path with correct upper body movement on your down swing

This is a great drill for improving your upper body movement on your down swing so that you get control of golf shot direction. If you turn your shoulders incorrectly on the down swing, you will have a left of target swing direction and an out to in swing path. This is going to lead you to hit low left golf shots if you close the club face, straight left shots with a square to path face, or a slice if you open the club face through impact. Watch this video to learn how to improve your upper body movement so that you alter your swing path to hit straighter golf shots.

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  1. A very useful concept in solving the OTT problem!
    Will try that out tomorrow on the range.
    Thanks for this kind of short, clear and practical instructions to help us in this difficult game.
    Keep on the good work and a big thank you!

    David from HK