Flat Golf Swing Lesson

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Flat Golf Swing Lesson with PGA professional AskGolfGuru Mark Crossfield. Mark talks about how swinging the club lower around your body might cause some issues but at the same time could not harm your golf in any way. This is another golf swing lesson via Mark’s Golf app for iPhone iPad and android devices. Play your best golf with Makr’s simple and easy to understand golf tips.

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  1. General question about the swing fix videos Mark:  Is it better to send videos at higher fps if possible?  My phone can record in 720p at 120fps and I know the iPhone 6 can do 240fps.

  2. I like what Mark teaches here.  He doesn't see the point in fixing something that may not be broken.

  3. I feel/look like I have a flat swing as well. The only real prob I have with it, other than not looking like the Pro's, is feeling like it keeps me from bringing the club back to the ball from the inside. It looks/feels like since I start so low how could I get my hands/the club any lower, and thus hit from in to out? Obviously that's not coming from a launch monitor so I really don't know what my path/club face are doing. I know with a decent strike and getting my hands to sync up I can produce a straight shot and if I'm lucky it'll have a baby draw to it. I like the idea of a draw but tend to struggle with pulling them off and I feel it's due to my flat swing. Prob incorrect though. 🙂 

  4. I have a 'flat' swing with the driver, and 'normal' with my irons,unless your arms are the same length as a tyrannosaurus rex, the driver MUST be flatter due to distance from the ball

  5. I think if ppl, are paying for this app then less philosophical and more practical help would be preferable. And the fact that only maybe your swing may be chosen…..I mean what am I paying for then? All your vids are free on YouTube.
    I'm sensing capitalism rather than golf here.

  6. As someone with a flat swing that struggles with contact, when I try raising my hands I too easily start chopping over the top. This was my original swing fault that led me to developing the now flat swing. I can't seem to find the middle ground

  7. Love this vide mate 👍

    Too many people are seeking picture perfect looking swings and videos yet it may not suit your ingrained natural swing

    If it's not broke, don't fix it comes to mind

    If you offered someone an upright Adam Scott 'textbook' looking swing yet struggles to deliver numbers and scores or a flatter Kuchar 'would want to coach that to someone' looking swing who can carry a 7 iron 190 yards with every shot shape in the book to a designated target time and time again and regularly breaks par I'm sure people wouldn't care how it looks

    Keep up the good work and merry Christmas

  8. Good,honest advice from a pro who is not selling anything other than his views! Can't beat it!

  9. +Daryl Burney I beg to differ 🙂
    (1) It's a great thing when a pro such as MC compliments you on your golf swing. That in itself would be worth sending in the swing.
    (2) See L Hgn's comment and others.
    (3) If you want more practical help tailored to your specific swing go and buy lessons. That's capitalism for you 🙂
    (4) Putting out thousands of top notch golf vids, explaining golf fundamentals, making people question their believes, engaging golfers, having fun with golf, in short: Growing the game of golf; that's everything but to make a quick buck.
    (5) Don't you think that buying his app for very little money would be just a modest sign of appreciation of what he's done for your game?

  10. So some geezer sent in his swing, he didn't have any issues with it , just wanted to share it with you, ok, fair enough

  11. No I totally agree with you, and knew the point you were making anyway as I'm a big fan of bradley Hughes who bangs on about the way people get hung up of backswings, so assume this guy was worried about the way his swing looked.

  12. Great video, it's just like what Mark made the video  on which grip is better. It all depends on yourself. There is no best swing, there is only the swing best for you.

  13. I tend to do this with my driver as it stops me grounding the club before striking the ball and is the easiest way for me to get a workable draw

  14. It is interesting how people seek a 'single defined swing' as the answer. I know I used to. With so many physiques, so many variables, answers have to be fluid, adaptable. I wouldn't want to be the guy to tell Bubba Watson he's not doing it right. This fixation on 'one answer' is why people look for 'the right driver' to add extra yards, or to solve their slice problem.

    I understand the idea of an ideal swing, a template, a point from which to begin, but it is just a point from which to begin. I'm not very flexible I never have been. My bones just won't let me assume the ideal position, so lessons have to adapt to allow for this.

    I appreciate what's being taught because I know the pro understands they need to be adaptable to impart workable, practical solutions to their students.

  15. I have a flat swing, I'm a 5 handicap. I will say the only thing that happens to me is the occasional pull hook. Really sucks when you're E on the 18th tee box and pull hook it out of bounds!!!!!

  16. I've just moved to a "flatter" swing and I feel that both my strike and direction is considerable better. The swing thought of swinging in a circle around my body seems to have made a big difference.