Improve your golf swing and get rid of your flippy golf impact with some simple and easy to follow golf tips and golf instruction from Mark Crossfield. Golf professional Mark Crossfield helping golfers at lunch time with some quick Lunch Time golf swing fixes for golfers wanting to improve their swings with the driver, iron or approach play. Get lowering your golf scores improving your tee shots and hitting better golf shots today with these free golf videos.

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  1. You could do all that… or you could simply buy game improvement irons which will straighten all your shots so long as you don’t mind sacrificing workability

  2. Thanks Mark….Funnily enough I found a previous flippy swing fix video of yours and tried it out at the range yesterday…some hard work lies ahead.

  3. Only flipping anyone should do is burgers!🍔 I used to do this and just strengthened my grip..if I flipped the ball went left so that action stopped pretty damn quickly !….now I just need to get rotating properly nailed! Thanks Mark!👍👍 #LentilSoupLessons

  4. I have almost the opposite problem. My launch angle on my 7 iron is like 15*. Would love to get it up nearer 20 even if it meant losing some distance.

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