In this golf swing video, I discuss how to work on letting the club head flow around the body on plane.

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  1. Anyone have a good tip to stop my right handing from grabbing at the top of my swing. My practice swing is great. I feel the last two fingers in my left hand start the downswing. Then when I put a ball down, my right hand wants to take over. Frustrating.

  2. Hey Christo, swing looks great, could you do a video about your thought process with grip pressure/setting the wrists? I’ve been experiencing with these recently and would be interested to hear your thoughts/feelings about them.

  3. The right elbow should move away from the body on a full swing, and it will return to it's position on the way back.

  4. So Christo, and Greg…and..whoever..
    You gotta fish or cut bait….
    If we're going to have a continuous pivot w/o stall then we have to manually uncock. Period.
    The wrists will not uncock unless we decelerate the pivot or stall it when hands are passive. A Physics certitude here.
    Many great players do it that way. Passive hands stall the pivot. Ala Couples…
    But the best strikers have all been continuous pivot hit the hell out it with your hands. Hogan told us that clearly in his book.
    And it's better, if you do it correctly.
    So, Christo, you can't do both, continuous pivot with passive hands. I notice your swing looks slower than usual in this vid and I'd bet my sand wedge you're decelerating the pivot some and slightly hitting with the hands to get it to release. And I'd argue that is far too finicky to be reliable. Gotta fish or cut bait imo.