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Formby Golf Club

Formby Golf Club with Mark Crossfield and Matthew Lockey. Watch as the guys take on Formby in this Open My Special golf match. Formby is a links style golf course with great parkland and heathland features. See who wins this Open special golf match and if anyone can hit a half decent golf shot. Play your best golf and have fun doing so with Mark Crossfield’s fun and easy to follow golf videos.

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Tiger Scott says:

Divot = boring waste of time. Fast forward

Barry Brown says:

Is this course better than formby hall golf club

Brutus ofTroy says:

15:21 errrm you forgot to press it down firmly…;)

Jon M says:

Great vids Mark. I'm hoping to play here after my hols. I only live 5 mins away & can't wait to get on here!!

Matt Andersen says:

Can't stop lmao at 12:30

HobboTube says:

What's that device you're using on your belts? It looks like is combines with something in the grip of each club? What does it do please?

Paul Scheuer says:

LMAO at divot time! Mark, next time bring a bottle of Evian and a bit of fertilizer with you so you can do it properly. Haha!

Adam Flynn says:

Book in 4 a chipping lesson mark..#magicforsale

Jim Cavill says:

Coz I've not caught the whating green, Mark? 7:30

simon smith says:

Would love to play this course as its only down the road from me but £100 a round is abit steep for your average guy so no chance really :( great vid as per norm

Russell Lodge says:

Great vid Mark, played Formby in a pro am a few weeks ago so was fantastic to see it once again it is stunning, loved to see you think through the holes I am sure you will agree it's a true test of golf. 7th hole is my favourite ????

craig jamieson says:

what about a lockey! review of the best clubhouse pints after the round!

NowisEvollovetion says:

Mark, seeing you replacing that divot on the second with such finesse. I think you ought to be looking at getting a hairpiece of some description.

Cheers matey.

The Drew Magoo says:

He's got a bad back!
It's all that sneezing.
Love it

medtronic pace says:

liked and favourite for the divot police.

01redleg says:

Green side up..!


3rd green MC- dead sheep #stillewe

Nick O says:

"Good luck, little divot…"

– Mark Crossfield, 2015

John Coburn says:

"Good luck little divot"….Hilarious….

drocpdp says:

DIV-ot-SAW puzzle

sevenmtns1 says:

Honestly, I'd love to finish 4 over through 18.

Tom Kirk says:

Playing off yellows……?

gary smith6 says:

Coach lockey has clown shoes?? and now mark your wearing the Puma boots coach lockey was just ahead of the times….Coach lockey also looks so much more healthier in this vlog than the more recent ones….??


Matt runs a little like Pee-Wee Herman!!!

Hey its Annie says:

Don't replace divot, especially shallow ones, on sea side courses. The turf is thin and sandy and will not survive. Sand If you have it, is the best option.

alan carey says:

Lockey's divot replacing procedure ~ straight in no kissing!

paul williamson says:

quality can 14 people not like this….Frickin idiots..Come to Wales for a freebie for a night and 2 courses…What a laugh!!

paul williamson says:

loved the way ur mate chucks the pin on green at 16.51!!! get the green police!!!!

Jon Nurse says:

did lockey wear that outfit for a bet? #mumdressedme

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