FRANCESCO MOLINARI WINS ARNOLD PALMER BAYHILL INVITATIONAL! SHOOTS IMPOSSIBLE 64 ON FINAL ROUND where there were maximum 5 birdie holes available if you did everything right! See why he now averages over 300 yards off the tee with 112 mph club speed and how he is always in the top 10 in strokes gained off the tee and tee to green.

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  1. I am having trouble getting back to the ball when I lift my left heel – any tips for not getting too far behind by lifting my left heel? I do realize I may be swaying – I need to video myself to see it.

  2. So it comes down again to where is the target? Create enough rotation, stress reduced, to be able to throw the club at the distant target and not the ball.

  3. Shawn padraig from Ireland here I am left handed playing right side golf because we played hurling in Ireland and dominant hand on top of hurl my question is at the top of swing should I use the the right more to start the down swing

  4. Do we really need another article / video on him lifting his foot? Reviving a year old topic…again.

  5. Love your videos! Keep em coming! Will remember to do this along with focusing on target. Thanks Shawn! 298, I'd give my left nut for that;)

  6. Ball position?? I'm assuming it's due to tee height or maybe camera angles, doesn't comply with the upper border of the manubrium is marked by the jugular notch, which is easily palpable and is usually at the level of the T3 vertebrae. On each side of this is a notch for the medial end of the clavicle. The first costal cartilage is attached to the side of the manubrium

  7. Your swing looks crazy. I notice that you don’t load up too much on the right side and stay very centered. Your finish reminds me of Doug Sanders. Did you copy him?

  8. Shawn – what is your advice/tip for a right handed person who plays the game left handed? I cannot execute the stone skipping motion with my left hand and find it difficult to get any consistency in my swing- Thanks Pete

  9. my concern is to timethat in 3/4 shots. full power ok but finesse shots not easy…downhill stance etc

  10. You look at snead, nicklaus, palmer, and player… I dont remember them having constant back problems. Maybe more of the guys now should lift the heel.

  11. Lifting the lead heel is fine…. If you can get it back down in exactly the same spot, and before you start the down swing. Every time I start playing badly, that's what I look for. I start lifting that heel, and have trouble striking the ball solidly. It causes me to sway off the ball. I could never do this when I was young. But, I always wanted to be like Jack, and others, so I forced myself to do it. Now, I can't stop! Before I would recommend this move, I would focus on stretching the lower back first.