Fred Couples Golf Swing Analysis by Craig Hanson Golf

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  1. Very Interesting video.  Freddie is so fluid and effortless in real time, and when you break down all that is going on with this swing it's unbelievable.  I think an amateur might look at Fred's swing and say "I want a swing just like this".  But this swing, in reality, is very difficult to reproduce for the average human and is probably not where I would start in trying to teach a golf swing.  What I do think that everybody can take away from looking at Fred swing the club which will actually help their own game regardless of their talent level is Fred's tempo.  Regardless of how you hold it, or what moves you make from the top back to impact and how you release your hands…etc…if you can duplicate the Fred Couples tempo, you will probably become a better ball striker through that alone.

  2. Fred Couples has snap factor that is old school. The same kind of motion needed to crack a whip or use a hand held grass trimmer. Pretty simple once understood. Modern teaching and all its technical machinations just do not get it – which is probably just a business model to keep people buying new equipment and lessons.

  3. goodness thanks, loved it. funny my left hand sometimes freezes, and you know where that ball is going. But if i keep soft hands, i can hit them.

  4. he doesn't let go of grip with every shot.youve just stumbled on a rare one.V.J, DOES the same thing, OCCASIONALLY.great analysis though.thanks for posting.

  5. Right hand coming off is simply because his grip pressure is so light to allow for a natural whippy release. It's also why he gets so much lag and the club 'flips' over so quickly post impact. Vijay has the same look. It's more of an old school move that probably comes from a release drill off letting go of club with right hand after impact to encourage a natural relaxed release.

  6. Thanks Craig for posting the best video, and description I've ever seen of Fred's swing. He's always been someone I've tried to copy in the swing. A strong grip producing a power fade is what I love.

  7. I have been a golf player for Several years and there are a few lessons which I have taken. Right after knowing these golf swing secrets “kaha shocking guide” (Google it), I shot a 75 after 2 buckets working on the concepts shown in this book, especially the grip section, the ball position and most importantly the through swing drills. I was a 13 handicap, but it is dropping. This guide is brilliant!

  8. Hi Craig, Viking from Sweden here.
    I got a question for you. You talked about the mysterious "lag" at about 5.20 and about how many knuckles of the grip you need. I'm not chasing more lagg myself, I consider lag to be an effect rather than the cause created by seperation by the upper and lower body during the turn and the downswing. However would you care elaborate on what you meant with that you need a strong grip in order to have alot of lag?
    The only explanation I got is that lag leads to forward shaft lean at impact and when you reach the dynamic impact position with a neutral grip, the club tends to be open leading to slices.
    I tried myself for a short period messing around a bit with the grip, making it stronger i.e a 3+ knuckles grip but it just doesn't feel comfortable for me.
    Anyways, thanks for the nice video. Couples is one of those players that amazes you but it would be fatal trying to swing like that for a normal John Doe :).

  9. He lets go of the club with his right hand after impact because he runs out of right arm, i.e. his head is so far back and he is swinging his arms so far down the line that his right arm can't reach that far and he has no choice but to let go.

  10. He's 58, and still averages 300 yards.. I have got to learn how to get that amount of lag! I'm going to the range till I get it!!! lol

  11. The best swing ever to show what appears to be effortless power as opposed to powerless effort. His length is obtained by the snap action of releasing his lag through the ball. What confuses me in today’s instruction is that a lot of instructors such as Dan Whittaker are pushing the body ‘drag the handle’ swing through the ball and I need someone to clarify which is the best swing for distance and which is the most body (back) friendly, any ideas?