Fred Couples Golf Swing Compilation

Fred Couples is one of the greatest golfers ever to play the game. Sadly he never achieved what he should have and never played to his potential. Reasons: (Bad Back, Personal Struggles and Poor Putting). But Freddie had always accomplished more as a person though. He is one of the most kind, humble and modest people you will ever meet.

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  1. there are many great swings in the game of golf, but if i could hit it like any one person, i'll take freddies swing!!!!

  2. Rhythm-“holding all components of a rotating motion to the same RPM” *

    *The Golfing Machine

  3. My favorite swing to watch. I have always been a fan of Fred's. I can watch him swing forever. What's so special isn't just his vaunted tempo or effortless power, its the fact that his swing has never changed. Every swing looks the same.

  4. His swing just looks so lazy from the top. Like he just drops the club on the ball and, oh look it went 300 yards. Lol.

  5. He needs more power.. Fred call me and i can help you getting some power and stop you hitting like a girl.

  6. For years I was wondering whose swing was smoother: Couples or Purtzer. Conclusion: Couples because his distance was much longer. Ergo, he was swinging harder. Analysis: Who could tell?

  7. The coolest guy ever to walk the planet! And with the prettiest golf swing to go with it. I'm sure that even Fred himself, would enjoy this video because I've enjoyed it as much as any other video. Thank you, GolfDay and thank you Fred Couples.