Fred Couples – Golf Swing(slow)


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  1. Freddy keeps his spine angle and couples (pardon the pun) that with perfect rhythm, tempo and timing. 

  2. freddy is ridiculously talented. But this is not a swing you could or would teach.its based purely on insane talent and impecable timing

  3. Fred's length off the tee comes from great use of his legs and feet. This is where power comes from, not the arms.

  4. I think he played soccer growing up so throwing in the ball is somewhat similar to this move.

  5. Yes I believe that is the three wood from Tom Watsons wife he hits it to the moon plus it had a L flex steel shaft wow.

  6. Or was it the ladies driver Fred used as a three wood its one or the other guys…..I hope Freds back is still holding up and he is healthy.

  7. I was watching a video on fred one time and i'll always remember this simple saying: "A draw comes from a swing moving slower than usual and a fade comes from a swing moving faster than usual". Obviously, the way you address the ball is important.