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  1. Rick, have you used the Medicus with the dual hinge before? Don't know if they still make them and I haven't seen an ad for a long time. Seemed to help me back in the day, but it's been over 10 years since I've used one. Was great for tempo.

  2. Don't you always say exaggerate the fix to get it right. So this club would do that. Exaggerate the tempo so a normal swing slows down a bit? Yes? No? That's what I thought t was for.

  3. I like the idea. I like to feel feed back as suppose to someone just telling you what to do.

  4. The head of that thing looks like a Maltby DBM Forged blade. I use the same design in chrome finish called the Maltby TE. Awesome irons and 1/4 to 1/3 the price of the big name blades depending on shaft chosen and whether you assemble them yourself.

  5. Just glad to see you actually responded to a few who made a comment. We know Rick you must be very busy but you ask us to comment and then you never reply. A few replies Rick per video would be appreciated. TY

  6. Realistically you could modify this by forcing a rubber bung down the shaft then put the ball bearings back in which would give the shorter pause you suggested

  7. The take away setter ?????? That's worse than the training aid itself. I think if there was a plug in the shaft where the ball bearings only had to travel about half the length instead of the way it's designed currently, it may be more effective.

  8. Saw Dans review as well and it's excruciatingly slow. It's expensive as well. Concept is good as it can help finish the backswing but just too slow. I get the exaggerated early wrist set but then it's not setting in line with the right forearm as Dan is teaching you so you must have to correct that later once they get the feeling, if you teach the same technique that is. My point being without a coach supervising the correct use and implementation this thing could do more harm then good.

  9. Rick I have an issue of coming inside and getting a flat left wrist and closed face like DJ. Would this help get plane more vertical? Ta!

  10. It's a very personal comment but rick you look like a little leprechaun with your beard. rude I know sorry just needed to say

  11. Rick I would really like to hear what you think of the "Golf Slot Machine". Keep them coming. Thanks.

  12. Think I'll cut a hole in the grip of one of my old irons and put in a couple of ball bearings and see if I can get the same results.

  13. Rick, you should do reviews of older clubs, say from 90's, and compare it to modern day clubs

  14. there used to be a Leadbetter training aid consisting of 2 x plastic balls cut in half. One set for the backswing and the other for the follow through . The 2 halves would "click" if the tempo was correct

  15. What's the advantage of an early wrists hinge? I thought a wide takeaway with the wrists break coming later in the backswing creates more drag, speed, etc.

  16. @RickShielsGolf could you do a review on the Taylormade Mill Grind wedges soon? Thanks sir.