Dan is an absolute training aid addict, if it’s out there he probably owns it.

The Gabe Golf swing trainer, by two time PGA TOUR Winner Gabriel Hjertstedt, is designed to give you instant feedback on your swing. If you struggle with your transition then this could be the training aid for you.

If you’re interested in learning more about the modern rotational swing……

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  1. Too expensive for what it does, most of the newer golf aids seem to be priced at crazy levels for what they are

  2. Thanks for the review dan. This thing is nearly 200 euros delivered. Bit pricey. I reckon you could just add a little hoop onto the shaft of your own club to achieve a similar effect or a whistle.

  3. This is a great gadget. It is exactly the same as THE IMPACT SNAP, which I have and regularity use. It slows down the backswing until you hear the two ball bearings click and then you can begin your downswing.

  4. Did seem to make you pause forever. I could probably use that as I am still learning to shift weight before the downswing but still seamed
    too long a wait.
    Really love the swing guide based on your training aid reviews but think the ring around the club is a brilliant idea and would try that first before investing $200 euros which would over $300 Australian. Great review and very smart posted comments.

  5. Great to see these reviews.. This helps get targeted training aids for my faults.. Well my golf faults anyway????. Any good training aids to help minimise casting/ out to in approach? Thanks again.

  6. It's also designed for the player to pause to make sure your weight is transferred to your back side and then to the front foot. As well as the correct timing. It's an aid. Not a swing changer. It's made for you to pause so you get in the right position, weight transferred, and not rushed. It's supposed to make you wait. Not a great review because you're only talking about one of the fixes. And you make it seem like its supposed to feel like a normal swing. I know a few PGA guys who swear by this.

  7. better players may not struggle with the problem this meant to fix. I've got to say it seems an expensive solution .

  8. Appreciate the honest review, Dan. Enjoy your videos and am amazed by your coaching of Rick & Pete on their channels. Awesome to see you at work! And your videos keep getting better and better. If I may offer a critique, re-watch this video and notice how many times you say "okay." Keep the videos coming!

  9. Dan is getting better and better every video. Love the training aid reviews. You don't see many videos like this.

  10. Hi Dan, love your golf videos.
    I'm using a TM4 unit, but i'm having trouble connecting an external camera. What camera's do you use for teaching?

  11. But it's not a back swing trainer it's meant for release patterns. Get the feel for the shot you're trying to hit then hit a shot with your normal club.

  12. Hi Dan,

    I have been wondering whether you could do a video specifically on how to practice the sequence from the top. Having watched most of your videos I feel like I have a pretty clear idea of what to do. But it would be really helpful to learn some drills for engraining the sequence.

    Do I practice in steps, in slow motion? What is the best approach?

    Thank you for all the great content.