Chris Ryan takes a look at the Gabe Golf Swing Trainer, reviews it and explains exactly what it is and what it can do for your game.

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  1. Very interesting Chris, I think putting a few reviews of game improvement or trading aids on your channel will only improve the already great content! ????

  2. Good direction for the channel ???? have a look at the dst compressor, also Martin Chucks training aids

  3. Nice, Chris. I'd like to see you review some of the swing analyzers such as Swingtalk, Zepp and Swingbyte, preferably whatever the latest versions are that they each offer. Your honest opinion on any devices or aides is valuable.

  4. Would perhaps be good if you could mention the price and and website for the products you review, otherwise very interesting and looking forward to seeing more of these!

  5. Nice, the question I have is can you also hear the click when the club is "casted".
    I suggest/ hope a review of the Orange Wipp and similar tools.

  6. A typically useful video, Chris. I believe this is an interesting departure from your usual instruction. My only caveat would be to beware making yourself unintentionally beholden to any product or manufacturer that you feature, and to compromise your objectivity. Thanks for your work.

  7. Why not just put a couple of ball bearings into the shaft of an iron ? Seems a bit expensive for all it does

  8. Seems like a good idea….but can't help thinking would save whatever it costs by just counting to two at top of swing!

  9. Great video Chris. Would love some reviews on gps watches? There are plenty out there it is hard to know which to go for..,