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  1. I need a swing analysis! I'm a brand new golfer as of January of this year. I am entirely self taught based on all your content. Please help!

  2. Hey guys I'd love a swing analysis because My driver isn't as good as I'd like it to be. Please help

  3. Hey guys, I would LOVE a swing analysis from you. I have been playing for 20 years and I feel like I am close to being really good but my swing still let's me down.

  4. Hey guys I need a swing analysis because I can't enjoy a round of golf not being able to hit my irons. Thanks guys.

  5. An analysis for me would definitely be to get more distance. I'm quite confident at shaping the shots left, right, high and low. But when I only get around 200-220 yards with the driver it is frustrating. Any help would be appriciated.

  6. I am AJ and i am 12 I need a swing analysis to help my ball flight be more consistent so I know where to aim on shots

  7. An analysis to me would mean carrying on the family legacy and making my grandfather proud. He was a low single digit handicap in his youth and still shoots around a ten or so handicap at 85. Through his instruction I became fairly consistent but am still struggling to consistently shoot 80s and low 90s. I can tell he's not as thrilled with my game as he wants to be and for me to get professional help from two amazing individuals such as yourself would mean the world for me. I practice almost daily, read hogan's lessons, watch your videos, analyze swings from Dustin Johnson to spieth to hogan however I'm starting to meet my knowledge limitations.

    All I want to do before he goes is shoot a competitive round with him in Florida. Day one he told me one day we'd play a real match. I really do hope I get there. Thank you.

  8. I would love to have an analysis from you guys because I am taking my PAT in a couple weeks. I'm a freshman in the PGM program trying to make a career out of being a professional and passing my knowledge of golf on to the next generation.

  9. Hey guys, I would like a Swing Analysis. I have been watching you guys for a couple years now and using all of your videos to improve my game. I have gone from a 22hdc to about a 14 in the last year. I am still struggling with consistency in contact and aim. I believe due to my face at impact, and some issues with my take away. Would love the help. Thanks and keep the videos coming.

  10. Getting a swing analysis would be great because I have never really had anybody look at my swing and assist with any of my problems that cause me to consistently not be able to hit my clubs.

  11. I need a swing analysis because my iron shots are all consistent but when I switch to my driver it just doesn't feel natural to me anymore.

  12. I would love a swing analysis. I have gone form 104 to low 90's in the last 6 weeks and my short game is the reason for that lol. I need to get more consistent with the Driver and fairway woods please help.

  13. I have been golfing for only 2 years and never had anyone teach me some proper ways to swing the club. I watch almost every video you guys put out and try most of what you say and it has worked to a point but still having trouble with consistency with my clubs. Really hope you guys would give me an analysis on my swing thanks. Keep up the great videos!!

  14. Just signed up to the website guys as a fledgling golfer cant get enough of the content keep it up ????????

  15. I would love a swing analysis so I could get some help in getting a decent swing i can work on and develop. Golf is a really big passion of mine and i hope to go pro some day, a good and consistant swing that i can develop is something i need to stop the hooks i sometimes get.

  16. Thanks Lads. I'm returned to golf after 20 + years since moving from Dublin to Kenmare, Co. Kerry and the Ring Of Kerry Golf Club. I've purchased a membership and am really enjoying golfing again, but man, I'm all over the shop! I hit a few good shots per round, an my partners have commented positively on my swing and skills, but I am very frustrated by my lack of consistency. Any help? Cheers.

  17. I would like a swing analysis to fix the height of my swing path at the point of the ball. I am inconsistent and can top a ball one shot and chunk it the next one

  18. I need a swing analysis due to the restart of my game. I have 3 15 month old babies at home, and have take. A couple years off to be at home. Now that I have started back playing, I have developed a lot of bad habits in my swing.

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