Todays Daily Vlog talks about a common idea in the golf swing and one Mark feels about golfers trying to get on plane. Swing plane and getting on plane is a common idea for golf pros and golfers around the world and Mark challenges this idea to try and help golfers understand and improve their golf games. Improve your driver and iron play with simple golf swing instruction from PGA professional Mark Crossfield.

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  1. Once i Was taught to stay steep on backswing then drop it down behind shallowing and out which worked a treat use it for 4/3 iorns to stop club getting in front

  2. Makes senses, but I'm taking a different approach. Like I have done with every sport I've every played as a kid no one every used terms and technical jargon I just learned by feel.That being said I like to know and understand why I do something incorrect and your videos have taught me to understand my mistakes and how to correct them so thanks Bruh!

  3. I think it's wrong. There are more dimensions than that one in a swing, and everybody is different so there is no one size fits all.

  4. I love it when you get technical….. I am watching again but what a great thought out, detailed explanation. The part about centre of gravity of the club going under the hands clicked! Well done!

  5. Usually informative and understandable but this was unfathomable. If your intention was to confuse then kudos.Will still continue to watch and be entertained but this video was a total fail πŸ™

  6. Can we get a face to path comparison of you and lockey with say a driver swing and a 7 iron swing? Also the angle of attack and spin Numbers..

  7. First off, love your channel. Great entertainment/ exposure for golf. Had to interject here though as at teaching professional who has has great results modifying students path delivery, by working on swing plane.
    You say Swing plane doesn't exist? Doesn't relate to path?……As an example we can all relate to just look at how ropey Mcilroys driving is when he goes from steep backswing to flat downswing. This pronounced loop is obvious when he's swinging poorly because it creates a way too inside path ( blocks / hooks). When his angles are (close to) the same back and through he hits it majestically because his path is neutralised. Look at how DJ's swing plane in his downswing has naturally steepened in the 2017 season because he now hits a go-to cut shot.Β 
    Plane and our traditional understanding of path are fundamentally linked . What you discuss is D-plane and where impact is happening on the arc of the swing, relating to the swing direction at that point in time. D-plane always occurs ( out before impact/ in after impact) regardless of the orientation of the 'path'. Love you video's Mark and keep up what you do, but please don't confuse golfers more than they have to be.

  8. In My mind just because your not the perfect "plane" doesn't mean you are not going to get a good shot. Too many variables in the swing plane brah!!

  9. But if I get on plane won't I get lots of 'lag', compress the ball like a pro, increase my club head speed, and smash it 300 yards πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Keep smashing the myths Mr Parfield

  10. i've been thinking of this issue in terms of on plane/under the plane/over the plane as long as i've been golfing. i struggle with an out to in swing path, and have been thinking of that as "too steep" or "above the plane." as a result, i've been trying for years to "shallow" the club. really appreciate you correcting/nuancing a lot of these ideas! cheers

  11. I bought the Training Manual and was surprised by the face to path and angle of attack because I had been taught "plane" for the last 20 years. Now I understand the technique you are advocating and it kinda makes sense!

  12. Wowzers, that was an earful bruh BUT one thing got my attention. COG below hand path will result in noticable strike changes, yes? Right, let's have some more on that please (like what the h it means and how to do it!) and less on angles of attack and face path – that can come after improved strikes, surely?
    Cheers as always bruh. Loving your work.

  13. It definitely made sense why plane is not maybe a key factor but surely theres some kinds of benefits being somewhat on what we call a plane? Now I want to know how I can alter left-right swing direction from steep and shallow shaft positions.

  14. Interested in your thoughts on ernie els understanding of the swing plane. He calls it the "one plane swing".

  15. Mark your "No more over the top swings"vlog has simplified a golf swing totally for me thanks brah…..but I think this vlog has the totally opposite effect Bud.

  16. Sorry mark… classic bolognese don't have peppers…this also isn't related to path to mouth!..😏

  17. Could you make another video going into more detail about hand path/ what you were talking about at 9:45 of the video. Thanks!