Get your golf swing unstuck-Left arm off chest

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  1. Defo me. I got to 2.8 hcap in 3 years of golf, I've been stuck between 2.6-3.3hcap 2 years since, because someone said "You can't hit the golf ball too late!" So I've had it pinned across my chest "connected!" If you like, it's put me off golf, I've not played for a month due to shanks and nowhere near my ability. It's defo due to this, I know before even practicing it

  2. finally, this swing lesson has stopped me from being trapped where I would either push the ball to the right or hit a smothering hook. thank you. !!!! Ben Rust

  3. This has left me scratching my head somewhat. How come I get faster ball speed, hit the ball further and get better contact if I keep my left arm connected? Surely by doing so I'm using the larger muscle groups to generate power, no?

  4. Nobody can hit the ball with their left arm still across their chest like this guy is showing. How awkward and uncomfortable a move would that be. Yes, your left arm should definitely be connected to your chest in the downswing, that's how power and better ball striking are created, but it will naturally fall off the chest as you come into impact – gravitational forces in the weight of the club give it no choice. This is part of what's known as timing. Adam Scott keeps his left arm across his chest for as long as he can on the downswing, but if you watch him in slow motion from down the line, you'll see how his arm naturally falls away as he approaches the ball. If you pull your arms down away from your chest too early, the clubhead will get there before you've rotated through and that will lead to all sorts of hand movements to save the shot, in effect, pure inconsistency.

  5. +Very well explained this is a problem I fight all the time. Blocks and duck hooks creeps up sometimes during a round of golf. Thank you for your advice.

  6. Great tip. But you spend way too much time on what not to do instead of how to do it correctly.

  7. GREAT KNOWLEDGE!!! Thank you for your easy-to-understand explanation! Do you perform a swing analysis service through the internet?

  8. I watch a lot of Be Better Golf and have seen your stuff with Brandon so I decided to subscribe to your channel.

    I really like how you keep the advice for only certain people. "This may not work for you" is what turns me on to this channel.

  9. Marty if the left arm comes off the chest do you lose that arm/body connection? or does the connection stay at the shoulder/armpit?