Giving a 14 Handicap Golfer 18 Strokes For 18 Holes… Who wins!?

It all comes down to this. Who’s gonna win?
18 shots in 18 holes was a huge challenge. It really made me wanna make birdies, so super good challenge for my game.
Hope you enjoyed yayayayaya!
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  1. I think the reason why u bogey so much is because ur shorter chips r not as good as they could because it looks like you use a 60 or 56 degree to chip when u should be trying to run the ball with a lower lofted club it is a lot more forgiving and a lot more accurate

  2. Garrett should definitely be in the pond right now 😎🀣
    The lesson here is that when Steven gets involved in some friendly banter aka trash talk, then Garrett gets his ass kicked

  3. How do you think you're a scratch golfer when you get your scholarship taken away for not being good enough at golf and you shoot 90's in tournaments lol

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