Giving a 14 Handicap Golfer 18 Strokes For 18 Holes… Who wins!?

It all comes down to this. Who’s gonna win?
18 shots in 18 holes was a huge challenge. It really made me wanna make birdies, so super good challenge for my game.
Hope you enjoyed yayayayaya!
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  1. A fun drinking game would be to take a drink every time garret says he is giving his buddy 18 shots over 18 holes

  2. I think the reason why u bogey so much is because ur shorter chips r not as good as they could because it looks like you use a 60 or 56 degree to chip when u should be trying to run the ball with a lower lofted club it is a lot more forgiving and a lot more accurate

  3. You can putt from outside the green and have much bigger chance to get close to the hole, just a thougt

  4. Garrett should definitely be in the pond right now 😎🤣
    The lesson here is that when Steven gets involved in some friendly banter aka trash talk, then Garrett gets his ass kicked

  5. How do you think you're a scratch golfer when you get your scholarship taken away for not being good enough at golf and you shoot 90's in tournaments lol

  6. If Steven worked on his putting stroke, keeping the back of his neck still, he’d be off 7 or 8.

  7. Awesome video! We think you should visit us in the UK and we can make an international version of this! 😀