GOLF: 2018 Masters Champion Patrick Reed

2018 Masters Champion Patrick Reed

Congratulations to Patrick Reed, the 2018 Masters Champion!

Patrick Reed has a lot of good swing elements that you typically find in the best golfers but, he’s also got some things that are unique as well – like his footwork.

Here’s my full analysis of Patrick Reed’s swing.

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  1. Another awesome breakdown Eric!
    Something I noticed is how long he keeps his head down well after impact. Definitely a great swing trait that helps with consistent contact under pressure.
    Would you say he needs to have his lead foot drag out of the way to allow his hips to clear in the through swing because he keeps his back foot planted for so long?

  2. I agree with Jeff. Could his keeping his head down have something to do with his footwork. It seems to me
    if you keep your head down so long it could keep your weight back on the right foot and also might
    be a reason for his left foot slipping around…ie. not enough weight transfer to his left side?